Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A tale of a sad kitchen

When we bought this house we were in a bit of a rush. We had one week to search the entire DC area for a house. It was the height of the housing boom and all the houses were way out of our price range. All of them except for this house. It was the very tippy top of our "there's no way we are going to spend that kind of money for a house but have no choice" budget.
I was so happy to see a house after days of seeing very yucky townhouses. It needed help. That's ok, we can do it. Right? That first summer I painted every inch of this house. Allen and his dad redid our pink bathroom and a year later he finished the basement. The kitchen got a paint makeover, but it was just putting lipstick on a pig. We knew the kitchen was going to be major. We needed a dishwasher, but in order to fit in a dishwasher we needed new cabinets. New cabinets are a lot of money, so we just kept putting it off.
Finally, I could take it no longer and told Allen we would be purchasing a portable dishwasher. The idea is just so weird to me. You screw a hose onto your faucet and run another hose into your sink and that is how you wash dishes. He was game, so we ordered the dishwasher.
Not long after that Kelly and I went to IKEA and I saw one of their display kitchens. The price looked pretty reasonable and before you know it we were planning our long awaited Kitchen renovation. The prices that seemed reasonable turned out to be twice as much once we priced our kitchen. Plus we had to move a doorway to make room for more cabinets and a better flow. It's never as simple as it seems at first.
We never picked up our portable dishwasher. I don't mind because yesterday Allen went and bought a nice new dishwasher that will be installed tomorrow. Along with our new sink and disposal (didn't have one of those either).
So since I have been promising pictures here you have it. Our FORMER kitchen in all it's cluttered glory. Maybe in a week or two everything here will be finished and I can give you the after pictures.

This is the wall that we changed. It is opposite the sink. Since the doorway to the hall was there we couldn't do many cabinets. That doorway is now closed and there is a doorway where the pass through shelf thingy was.

The shelves that served as a pantry.

The sink area. See all the clutter? I. DO. NOT. LIKE. CLUTTER.

The stove and all my cabinets. That big black hole is no longer there.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Boy!

I'm gettin' a dishwasher, I'm gettin' a dishwasher, oh yeah! Can you hear me singing at the top of my lungs? I am super happy. In order to get said dishwasher are in the midst of a kitchen remodel. By remodel I mean I have a fridge in my dining room. Nothing but walls and a subfloor in my kitchen and I am washing sippy cups in the mop sink. Nice!
We have lived here for 4 years and washed every dish by hand. Except when our family comes and visits, they always help us with the dishes! Oh the bottles! Kelly and I always say, "Everybody loves a martyr!" and that is me with the bottles. Wait until the last baby finishes with bottles to get a dishwasher! Can you say "martyr"?
Nah, it just worked out that way!
Tuesday they came and tore out the cabinets and floor. Yesterday they cut a new door from the kitchen into the hall. Demo is some loud business. They then sealed up the one that was there. The new door is 5 feet 7 inches farther down than the other door. That makes room for more cabinets. I NEED cabinets because I only had 4; 1 on top, 1 on bottom 1 above the stove and 1 below the sink.
We have survived that. Allen is going to tile the floor this weekend, and I am going to prime and paint.
So where does that leave the Bug and the Butterbean? In hog heaven. They are going to stay with Allen's parents in N.C. for a few days. We will miss them, but know that they are having a ball there- and they will be much safer there.
Keep your fingers crossed that they will be able to install cabinets next week.
I know I promised mystery pictures, but I can't get my pictures downloaded.
Sorry there are no pictures on this post, but it is either post without pictures or not post at all. Always thinking of my audience!
I'm gettin' a dishwasher! I'm gettin' a pantry! I'm gettin a disposal! I'm gettin' cabinets! Oh yeah!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Splish Splash it's a Birthday Bash

Phew, our first double birthday party has come and gone, and I have to say that it couldn't have been any better!
We reserved a tent at the boys' favorite place, the Splash Park, and lots of their friends were able to come and celebrate with us.
They ate cake, drank juice boxes, threw water balloons and then got WET.
Sadly I didn't get a picture of the four of us, but maybe we can stage a re-enactment! I've been known to do that!
Want to see the pictures? I'll pretend like you just said, "yes!"

This was Jackson's first cupcake. Yes, it is as big as his head!

The Smith guys



The pennant that took 61,376 hours to make

Taking it all in

Proof that I exist

After the 2nd cupcake!

Water balloons

Loves being held by his Papa

Hand in hand with his grandparents

Showing Nana how to play in the water

Look who's walking!

An attempt at a staged picture. What happened to my great picture poser?

Thank you Allen, Joe and Doris for all your efforts!
Now we have another birthday for the bug tomorrow. I will post birthday pics after we recover.
Oh and look for a picture puzzler in the near future!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Butterbean!

Yesterday was the Butterbean's first birthday. So bittersweet! I love all the new things he is doing--walking -- and all, but he is my baby and I like him just the way he is.
He is truly the best baby ever. He eats, sleeps and plays. The worst thing that I can come up with about him is that he likes to be held a lot. Well I am happy to oblige so that isn't anything worth complaining about. Oh wait, he bites! Yeah, that's bad! Besides that he is perfection!
I have been busy with party prep and having Allen's parents here so I have not downloaded pictures yet from his day yesterday, but here are a few of the butterbean's birth day.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Miller had his first experience with spaghetti. Guess what? He loved it!
Why do I worry? He eats trash from the trash can. Don't laugh--today he took an old sponge out of the trash and chewed a piece of it off!
Some babies tear up toilet paper for fun. Miller tears it off for a snack!

Here he is after his first taste of spaghetti!

Love that face!

Here is Jackson after spaghetti night. Guess why he has none on his face?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


We have been having so much fun with Kelly and AnnaKate that I have not had time to blog. Coming soon...there will be a blog about their visit!