Monday, December 31, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scenes from Christmas Eve

It was all good until we told Miller that he couldn’t play in the fire.  He didn’t like it one bit.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Highlights Part 2

As promised, more terrible photography and pictures taken off the interenets!
After the Christmas Cookie party we had a class Christmas party for Jackson where they did a Writer’s Workshop presentation for their parents.  Jackson wrote about the Appalachian State football game we went to in the fall and it was wonderful!
Then he hit the Cheetos!DSCN2664
He and his friends did Secret Santa gifts.DSCN2670
He was psyched!DSCN2674
I has planned a day off until the next scheduled event.  I had planned to finish my wrapping and catch up on my magazine reading before they boys were off for Christmas vacation.  Turns out Lady Luck had something else up her sleeve!
Tuesday morning I was notified that my banking card (it is a debit and credit card linked to our checking account) was shut down for fraudulent activity.  Yep, we got creamed!  It seems that one of the places I had recently used my card at was the home to a credit card scammer.  They sold it to someone in France who bought $3,156.91 worth of jewelry and electronics.
Did you know that there are websites that they can use to check out your balance?  THERE ARE!!!  They got us down to $189 before my bank shut it down.  Guess why I had that much money in checking?  Because the boys’ tuition checks had not cleared.  Yep, that got stolen!  Not cool!
Jackson made these “wanted” signs and they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself!
The top one says,” Evol ladee stol moms monee to biy jolre in frans”  For those of you who don’t read phonetic spelling “Evil lady stole mom’s money to buy jewelry in France”
Hopefully we will get the money returned to us soon…….and I didn’t get to read my magazines because I was making police reports!
Then we had the boys’ Christmas Concert at school.  They always do such a great job.  Despite my best efforts, all my pictures look like this!
I can zoom in and then you can see Miller on the far left…IMG_2706IMG_2709
My friend took this one and it is much better than mine!
Then it was Jackson's turn.  He did fantastic…but he was hidden behind a little girl most of the  time!
However, he had every hand motion down and stayed in time to the music!  IMG_2717
He was absolutely adorable!IMG_2719IMG_2721IMG_2722
The Spanish students sang “Feliz Navidad”
The Grande Finale is always wonderful!  All the students and teachers perform.  They sang, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” (look at the parents in this shot!)IMG_2730IMG_2732IMG_2733
Miller was down front and I could just see the top of his head at this point…
The boys had Thursday and Friday off of school and had some fun playdates.  I haven’t stolen borrowed those pictures from my friend yet, so imagine that they look like this!
But add about 8 more kids and take away all the leaves on the bushes that Hurricane sandy stripped off!  We’re still wearing shorts and flip flops!
The boys and I decorated some Christmas cookies!
It was hard to let them do their own thing.DSCN2684
You can tell I was gritting my teeth!!DSCN2687
They did their own thing!!DSCN2692DSCN2693DSCN2694
God Bless ‘em!DSCN2699DSCN2704DSCN2708
I think that just about catches us up to Christmas Eve!  Phew!  That was a busy month!  And we still have 886 more mediocre pictures to cover!