Friday, November 29, 2013

Flashback Friday!

I was thinking about our days in colder climates.  We love, love, love it here, but sometimes it is nice to have a some real cold air.image

It’s a blustery 71 degrees here this morning.  I made the boys wear their sweaters.  I am the only one who thought a sweater was necessary!  They were not pleased!


Ok Miller was pleased.  He wore his all day long.  That one likes to be cozy!  Jackson wore his until he got onto the school grounds and took it off as he parked his bike.  Apparently my wording was not concise enough.  I told him he had to wear it to school.

I feel badly for the tourists when we have weather like this, but I sure do like the change!  We should be back up in the 80’s by the weekend.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What the Heck? Wenesday

Last week I made reference to a bit of Bahamian slang.  I absolutely love the Bahamian people and thus love their language. 

When we first got here, the movers asked me as they finished unpacking our things, “You straight?”  Hmmm, you just unloaded all my husbands things I have 2 kids what do you think?  As it turns out, “You straight?” is slang for “is everything OK?”

It has taken me a while to really grasp the beauty of it.  I hope you enjoy it too.

So here is a list of Bahamian slang for you!

  • back-back: to go in reverse in a car

  • Biggety – bold and argumentative (see some of my posts for an example)

  • Boongie – butt

  • buck up: to crash, as in car

  • bust up: drunk

  • Brought-upcy – manners

  • Bubbies – big breasts

  • Chirren – childrenconchy joe: watch out for Joe! Usually a white Bahamian

  • Curren’ – electricity

  • Cut hip – a good beating

  • Ferl – aluminum foil

  • Georgie bundle– Used in “I ga pack up my georgie bundle and go” (leave a relationship)

  • Grabalicious – greedy

  • Gubment – government

  • Gussy mae– a heavy set Bahamian woman who has bubbies, and huge peas & rice boongie

  • jam up: too crowded

  • Joneser- a person who will wash you car for a dollar to support their addiction

  • Jook– to stab someone with an underhand motion

  • Mudda Sick – Wow

  • “Mussy”: - maybe...there is a possibility

  • No-manners– self explanatory (example: no-manners chirren usually get a good cut hip)

  • Numbers– lottery (as in playing the “numbers”)associated with “web shops”

  • Outside chirren- (children out of wedlock and with a sweetheart)

  • “Pants Gunnin” – when ones long pants are noticeably to small. The ankles are visible when they should be covered by the pants leg.

  • Peas and rice boongie– a very large butt

  • Potcake – a dog of mixed breed or burnt rice at the bottom of the pot

  • sip sip: gossip

  • Slam bam- a slice bologna between two pieces of bread

  • Spry – sparsely showered rain

  • Sweetheart – a husband’s “other” woman or a wife’s “other” man

  • tote news: to gossip

  • Vell Muddoes : is an exclaimation, meaning wow

  • Ya ma! – You lie!

Now I have to let you see this video.  It is Ha-Lar-E-us!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Author’s Party

Last week Miller’s Kindergarten class hosted an author’s party for the parents.  They worked on writing a short story, revising it publishing it and reading it aloud to the audience.  I’m pretty sure in Kindergarten I was learning how to say my ABCs!

Miller’s story was awesome. It went like this,

My Favorite Lego by Miller

“I went to Toys R Us.  I got the Lego Ewok Village.  Then I went back to Aunt Chele’s house.” 


It is a work of fiction of course because the Lego Ewok Village is $149.  However I did love his story!

Afterwards the children had juice and a snack.


We’re so proud of Miller!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rocketing Along

The past week sped past me so fast that I’m still not sure what day it is.  Last week Allen was traveling, so the boys and I were a little less scheduled.  Want to eat dinner at 4:45?  No problem!  We were unscheduled up until a point.  Bedtime is always on time!  I got a little crazy and let them stay up until 8 one night…party animals!  We were so busy being party animals that I barely have any pictures to show for it!

One afternoon, we were getting near home and we saw this…a rainbow over our house.


While Jackson was at tennis, Miller and some neighborhood friends found a seahorse. 


Yep they caught him.IMG_2568

Don’t worry he was put back right after this picture.

How awesome is that?  They were able to pick him up right out of the water, examine him and put him right back.

Allen got back and on Saturday{after two soccer games and a playdate} the family went to Jollification.  It’s a festival that starts the holiday season.  There are arts and crafts for purchase and of course lots of yummy food.  I think the highlight for the boys was watching this guy crack conch for conch salad.


Too bad the line was too long to get any.  The boys were able to do some glittery crafty decorations.  I adore children’s crafts, so I am happy to add these to our collection.


Yes we are still wearing shorts and T shirts and it was still HOT!

Sunday we had plans to get the tree decorated in the morning.  So do you remember how I said I loved the prelit artificial tree we got before we moved here?  We are barely on speaking terms {the tree and I}…7 strands of lights and two trips to the store later… we finished that sucker up around 8:30 p.m.  The boys loved helping to decorate.


Bless them, this is their idea of decorating! IMG_2589

After they went to bed I had a glass of wine, did a little rearranging and then hit the hay.

This week is shaping up to be even more exciting with things like ordering Christmas cards, making a doctor’s appointment, and buying new tires on my to do list.  Don’t be  envious!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Super Miller

This is what Miller put on to go to the park yesterday.


He is something else!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had quite a busy weekend. 

First thing on Saturday morning we  had two soccer games.  Unfortunately Miller made a bad choice right before his game and we took him home to think about it.  {FYI being a parent is hard}  Fortunately, we live close to the school so Allen and I could tag out at each watch some of his game.

Jackson’s team did great and he played hard so that was awesome!


Last weekend they got a “cut hip” --that is Bahamian slang for taking a beating.  It wasn’t pretty, but this week was much better!

After the game the boys were both invited to a birthday party at Atlantis.  From 12-5.  That is right, we had an entire afternoon at Atlantis to have a date.    A lunch date and reading by the pool.  Ahhhh!


Sunday morning we had some time around the house.  First they played Play Doh.  I love that they still love it!


IMG_2510Then the boys and I gave hank a haircut.  I dread it, but he is so much happier and more comfortable with his hair short.



We took this much hair off the old guy!


It looks like a giant possum is in the bag!

In the afternoon the boys had another birthday party.  They ate candy, bounced on the bouncy house, climbed trees and had a ball.  Sunday night was an early bedtime for sure!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dress Up!

Miller’s blazer is still a big deal in these parts. He wore it to school the other day.  His teacher said he didn’t take it off all day.  That is dedication to his blazer since it is still in the mid 80’s around here!

He dressed up as a spy the other day and asked me to take a picture of him with his spy smile on..IMG_2474

All spies wear pirate rain boots too!

Jackson got some swag at the fishing tournament and Allen and I were able to briefly  borrow it. 


He’s literally slept in it!


Here is our wanna be teenager!


He’s not flashing gang signs, it’s “Hang loose” or “tuna on” depending on if you’re a surfer or a fisherman {he’s both}!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Saturday was a really busy day for our family.  We started with 2 soccer games at 9 a.m. Then immediately following that, Allen and Jackson were in a fishing tournament, and that evening we went to the Marine Corps Ball.  Phew!

The Generations Junior Angler Fishing tournament is highly anticipated here because the kids are the entrants and the parents are just the transportation. Entry is by boat and each boat usually has several junior anglers on it.  The boat they were on didn’t win, but they did have a great time.  And in my book, “If you had fun, you won!”


We were fortunate that Allen sent me these pictures as the tournament was ending, because he had an unfortunate Blackberry accident at the end.  {If you know Allen, you realize the trauma that comes with a Blackberry accident!}  He was able to dive in and retrieve it, but even though he rinsed it with fresh water and put it in a bowl of rice for 24 hours, it was a goner.

He also lost his sunglasses too.  Poor guy dropped them as they were trying to get rid of this guy…IMG00056-20131109-1320

He didn’t go after them.  I am picturing this angry shark swimming around with Allen’s Ray Bans on him!


Poor Allen, but he was a good sport about it!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harvest Carnival

Somehow I forgot to hit publish on this post, so here it is a little late.

The boys’ school recently had their Harvest Carnival.  The boys were incredibly excited and they had the best time.

Both boys had a blast throwing cream pies at the teachers.  They are much nicer than I was when I was a teacher.


Jackson loves his teacher, Miss Jones.  She is amazing for him!


The hair painting was a highlight.  Get it “high light”?  Miller’s hair stayed pink for days afterward.




I have no idea what this game was, but it makes my tummy churn just looking at it.


They enjoyed lots of candy and even managed to make it through the haunted house.  Jackson had to work a booth for a little while and while he was working Miller tried out the Warhead game.  They had several children who had to eat sour candies and not make a face.  As the rounds passed, he kept a straight face.  The big kids could not hang with him.  Miller made it all the way to the final round.


When Jackson finished he had to try it too.  He didn’t get to the final round, but look at the boy beside him!  Their faces are hilarious!


We are already looking forward to next year!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Marines

Not only is today Veteran’s Day, but it is also the 238th birthday of the Marine Corps.  This was the 4th year that we have had the pleasure of celebrating the birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps at the Marine Ball.

Hearing the Marines speak of their service is very touching.  This year’s speaker was a Prisoner of War in Iran for 444 days.  After his release from captivity, he completed his enlistment.  He didn’t quit.  That is grit.

This year we invited some friends to attend the marine Ball with us.  They English and Irish, but I think they had fun and learned something about what makes America the amazing country that it is.

marine ball 001


Peter has a fantastic story about his grandfather who was a Marine in England.  Not at all the same, but still an amazing story.



Happy Birthday Marines!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

On Tuesday I got back from a quick trip to S.C to visit my family.  Remember how I was missing fall?  Well this weekend was just what I needed.  There were incredible fall colors, the weather was perfect and crisp and I enjoyed a couple of fires with my sister and brother.


My brother was coming to visit our mom and I thought it would be nice for me to be there too, so I booked the trip very last minute.  Except my passport was out for renewal.  Bummer! We got it all figured out and I had a great time. 

When the boys are not with me, these are the things I take pictures of.

One of the most gorgeous sunrises I’ve ever seen.


Enormous pumpkins and gourds on a front porch.


Pretzel Crisps at Costco.  Costco is amazing to me now.  I can’t get over the prices!


I can’t forget the peach in Gaffney!


Some cute rain boots that wanted me to take them home.  Alas, they wouldn’t have fit in my carry on bag!  There is always Christmas, honey!


While I was gone the boys had big fun with their dad.

Miller left the house looking like this.


Jackson had a pretty nasty crash on his bike (disgusting picture below)!


We are still trying to get all the dirt out….of his knee, elbow and palms.  Bless his brave heart!

They also had lots of time with their dad, swimming, riding bikes, making an obstacle course and churning home made mango ice cream.

I left temperatures in the 30’s and came back to temps in the 80’s.  It’s so good to be home!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What the Heck? Wednesday

Has anyone else seen anything like these in the stores?



I think they’re carrots.  They may actually be orange bats.  Guess who decided to do a taste test and see if they really are carrots?  Don’t worry, I wiped it off on my shorts before I put it back!