Friday, August 31, 2012

It was a dark and sunny day


The story goes something like this….

It was a dark and stormy sunny night day.P7070471

There was plenty of sun where we were, but in the distance there was a storm a brewin’…


we played in waves P7070473

and walked in the sand…


and waited for the storm to hit. 

They skipped rocks on the flat water…P7070475

hunted down baby crabs…


Eventually we got hot and decided that getting in the water was necessary


even if it makes for an uncomfortable ride home.


And surprisingly….it never rained on us!  I’ll never understand the weather here.

Do you like our secret beach?  Come visit and I’ll take you there!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stick People

Remember when we lived in a “normal” place and Jackson practiced his stick people drawing with chalk on our driveway?


He wore holes in many pairs of jeans in that drivewayDSC_0949

Miller doesn’t have that kind of driveway to learn on.  He makes do with what we do have.


He signed it with an “M” on the right of the legs.P7170489

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

Last year we evacuated for Hurricane Irene.  It was a bit rough, but we survived.  Early last week it looked like another “I” storm was going to give us a hard time.  We prepared and kept a close watch on it all week.  In the end it turned a bit {leaving our island at the very edge} and turned into a big rain and wind maker here.  {Had we not prepared, we probably gotten a Category 5 storm.}
Friday was overcast and we had a shower or two, but that was just a warm up for the real storm. 
Saturday was pretty windy and overcast, but not too much in the way of rain. I love a good storm, so on Saturday afternoon, I made Allen and the boys go over to the beach and check things out. 
Waves smashing on the sea wall
All that seaweed is going to be a mess to clean up!
Wind makes them want to dance!
A conch find!
Another conch find!
As soon as the sun went down, we had high winds that night and lots of rain, but by Sunday afternoon we were out of the woods.  we slept through most of it!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Fun

The boys birthdays were so much fun!  Here are some highlights.
Miller wanted a beach day, so we did. 
That day he also mastered wearing goggles. By mastered I mean he takes them off after every breath and wants me to put them back on for him.
There were fish all around us that day.  these little jacks were so curious.
His gifts were all Legos! DSCN1997DSCN2010
That evening we took our water baby to the pool for some more swimming and pizza!
Is waiting 30 minutes to swim an Urban Legend?
The cake at the end of a long wet day!
Miller wanted a cake with every color.  I did my best, but I have a terrible track record with cake.
It tasted good and it didn’t fall apart, so I’ll call it a success!DSC_0888
Jackson’s Birthday started with marshmallow pancakes.  They loved them!
Legos a skateboard and some tennis clothes.  Guess which got thrown aside?
His big day included lots of water as well. We fished—and swam too!
We headed to Senor frogs for lunch—of course!

Oh, yes he did!  They only had fruit punch in them!
Yellow cake with chocolate icing..and lots of candles!DSCN2058
So you might think that that is the end of the birthday celebrating, but no, there’s more!
Their birthday parties will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!