Friday, January 31, 2014

Cold and Junk

You know that kind of cold you get when it starts you know it is going to lay you out?  We have been dealing with these colds for about 10 days and let me just say it…  This sucks!

Last week Miller was home from school with it, this week J has been home for a couple of days.  No fever, just a deep nasty cough.  Jackson has been full of energy though.  Keeping an energetic sick boy at home is a cruel experiment in torture. 

To top things off I had it too, which even with Sudafed made me feel like laying on the sofa with a magazine was overdoing it.  This too shall pass.  I am thankful for strong bodies that will heal and the time I have to devote to my boys’ needs.

Yesterday Jackson was watching a movie and was fooling with the apple tv remote.  I had to take it away from him.  It was annoying. See above about an experiment in torture.  When I looked over at him a few minutes later, I saw this.


He had to hold a remote to watch tv.  Such a funny boy.  That remote does not control anything that was currently playing on the tv, but he needs a remote to watch tv!

Ok this is boring.. how about a joke?

So there is a man who has a really bad cough and goes into the pharmacy for some cough medicine. 

He can’t find any so he asks the pharmacist to help him.  The pharmacist has trouble finding it too. 

Eventually he hands the man a bottle of laxative and tells the man to drink the whole bottle.  The man drinks the whole bottle and says, “How does a laxative help my cough?”

The pharmasist says, “It doesn’t, but now you’ll be too scared to cough.”

And now you’re laughing, right?  Not really.  Maybe next week I’ll have some better material!

Until then I’ll be here…coughing!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

St. Jude’s Trike A Thon Bahamas

The St. Jude’s Trike A Thon has a really special place in my heart.  First of all St. Jude’s is an amazing organization.  In the 50 years it has been open the research and treatments that they have developed have taken the cure rate for childhood cancers from 20% to 80%.  Just think about that.  Now imagine when I was born the chance for me to live, had I been diagnosed with cancer, would have been about 25%.  Now it is 80%  That is impressive!

The Trike A Thon has been happening here in the Bahamas for 4 years.  Remember the first year?  {I still chuckle about that!}  Each year the children are even more excited about it and look forward to it all year long. 

Thursday the boys woke up and told me it was Trike A Thon Eve!  How cute is that!

Last year the boys’ school was able to raise over $10,000 for St. Jude’s by teaching the children the importance of charity and giving.  I love that!  Hopefully this year they can harness the excitement to do even more for St. Jude’s.



I don’t have any pictures of Miller doing the Trike A Thon because he was off like a shot.  The announcer kept saying, “Look at that kid on the scooter, he’s beating all the kids on bikes!”  Yep that was my baby!  He did slow down at the finish line because they were playing one of his favorite songs and he had to bust a move.  Typical Miller!  After the race lap he did pause for some face painting.  Can’t say I loved it!


But I do love him, even when he wants to be a zombie skeleton!

Jackson was thrilled to be able to participate this year again.  He loves the Trike A Thon!


If you would like to help us in our efforts to raise money for St. Jude’s, this year there is a website where you can go and make a secure donation!  If you can’t donate right now that’s ok, but do the next best thing and spread the word…

Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing and food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catch up!

Remember when I had a blog?  Remember when I used to write posts on a regular basis?  So I have been a bad blogger, but sometimes life is just like that.

I’m going to do the best to recap the exciting events  we have done recently.  We went to soccer, we rode bikes and I ran some errands.  Oh, I don’t want to forget that I’ve been doing physical therapy for my knee.  It is doing a lot better, but the physical therapist is killer!


We’ve had some crazy weather and when the winds are high these hotdogs are usually on the beach!  We love watching them!


Miller’s eye is all better from his knife fight!  Unfortunately he has to wear glasses now!


Jackson was named Student of the Week for the Library.  Because he is awesome- and shy.  Look at the picture of him!


Isn’t he the cutest in his tie?  I die!

Miller loves his daddy, a lot, a lot, a lot!  So do I. 


Are you jealous of the bars on our doors? I am over them!   They are here to serve a purpose, so I deal with them.

We also has the trike a thon!  I’m going to have to give that it’s own post though!


I recently read the Tina Fey book, Bossypants.  It was the funniest book I have ever read.  Not often that I read books that make me laugh until I cry.  Read it, you won’t regret it!

I think that about catches you up!  Now go forth and conquer!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What the Heck? Wednesday…Wrong Turn

Y’all I just don’t even know how to explain this one.  So I will start at the beginning, the very beginning.  Sunday afternoon I went to the store to pick up necessities and they were out of bread.  Well they had bread.  One loaf and that is it.  I think instead of adding to the nutrition in my children's’ bodies, this is actually negative nutrition!  They also didn’t have any milk.  Sundays can be hit or miss at the store, so I knew we had enough to last us a day or two.  So I bought the bread and skipped the milk.  Monday afternoon we are running low on milk, so I run up to the store and there is none.  No Milk!  Still.  I go to the other store.  No Milk!  Great.

Since we really needed milk I headed to the 3rd store.  On my way I came across an accident scene.  It looks like everyone was ok.

Except the bus.


The tracks in the sand we about 50 yards long and there was no visible point of entry.  So strange.  There is a large curb where the bus must have entered the beach, but it looks fine. { I didn’t have a picture of the curb from today, but here is one like it on a different stretch of the beach}  you can’t just jump that and not leave a mark!DSCN1594

So I got to the 3rd store and guess what?  They have no milk!  Ok they had milk, soy milk, almond milk and organic lactose free milk. Well fiddle dee dee.

So I headed back to the house {with organic lactose free milk that was way too expensive} and saw the progress they had made  getting bus off the beach.


There were a couple of guys scratching their heads over how to get it over this 18{ish} inch cement curb.  I would have loved to stick around for the show, but I had to get my precious milk in the fridge.

One the up side I did get to drive along this gorgeous stretch of scenery both ways to the store! 


I think I got a pretty good bargain after all!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lookie Lookie!

Lookie who got a visit from the Tooth fairy!


He did not want his tooth to come out.  he was one of those kids who doesn’t even want you to touch his tooth when it was loose {or wobbly as he likes to say}.  Mostly I just left it alone, but Friday we went out for dinner and darn if it didn’t come out when the babysitter was here.

As you can see, it needed to come out. 


The other tooth was already in and needed the space.  It won’t be too long before the other one comes out too!

I may need therapy!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What in the world?

Over the break Jackson was outside playing and I had the door open.  he called me to come outside and see his new discovery.

He found a never before discovered blue lizard!


Bless his heart this poor guy had fallen into a paint bucket.  And made it out!  No wonder Jackson caught him because he was quite slow.NIK_4520

We put him in the bushes and wished him well.

Monday, January 13, 2014

An Accident

Last Tuesday (just after saying that we hadn’t had much to blog about), I got a call from the school.  The teacher’s assistant told me that Miller had cut his eyelid and I might want to come up to the school and have a look at it.

When I got there I was not prepared for it.  I was picturing somewhere near the eyebrow.  After all Jackson has two scars up there from running into things.

So when I saw this, I was taken aback!


Bless him!  We really have quite a few conflicting stories as to what happened, but the bottom line is he was playing with a plastic knife while using Play-Doh and somehow he broke the knife and ended up getting cut.  What?  I know it makes no sense, but the only thing that matters that is he had an accident.

I quickly decided that a trip to the doctor was in order.  I have to stop and say that I truly adore our family doctor.  He is calm and patient and always fits us in when we need him.

After examination, the doctor determined that he had a laceration that didn’t need any treatment.  They put some drops in his eye to make sure that the eyeball was ok, which it was.  I can’t get over how lucky this child is.  You can see how close he was from literally poking his eye out.  Yet, God is always with this boy because he is just fine!

After debriefing my good friend Kelly, she informed me that the story is just not good enough.  The story has to be this…

He got in a knife fight…in Kindergarten.

Oh and in case you’re worried about if it hurt or not, I can tell you that he never cried and was more excited about the sucker his teacher gave him than anything else this week!  Go figure!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I didn’t mean to take a bloggy break, it just crept up on me!

We have no fun pictures because we haven’t done anything worth photographing.  Not true… we had a fun adults only party, we spent lots of time together as a family, built lots of Lego, played with the ipads, and watched movies.

Now the boys are back in school, and I am trying to organize the chaos!

It is very yucky and rainy today.  Nothing like the unbearable cold the U.S. is experiencing, but still 20 degrees colder than usual!


Don’t hate!

I’ll be back as soon I can!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

The boys had us up nice and early on Christmas day!  {They are up early every day, so why should this day be any different?}

I think I’ll let the photos speak for themselves


Can you hear Miller screaming, “He came!!!”NIK_4761NIK_4765


Flarp was a huge hit!  Too bad it ended up all over the place!NIK_4773

Minifigs are always cause for a break in opening gifts!NIK_4778NIK_4787


Miller got a personalized apron…perfect for our budding “cooker”


Jackson made us this book of portraits.  It is awesome!




Somehow I hid Allen’s gift and forgot to get it out from the hidey spot.  So after all the gifts had been opened and we had not seen Allen’s big gift, I had to run upstairs and quickly retrieve it, wrap it and give it to him.  Too bad I don’t have a picture of him because his face was priceless.  He looked like I had given him some left wing spying device.  After a little while of fiddling with it, he decided that the Apple TV is pretty cool!

We had such an amazing day.  I don’t have pictures of all the family time we shared and the boys playing and playing together.