Friday, August 7, 2009


Miller had his first experience with spaghetti. Guess what? He loved it!
Why do I worry? He eats trash from the trash can. Don't laugh--today he took an old sponge out of the trash and chewed a piece of it off!
Some babies tear up toilet paper for fun. Miller tears it off for a snack!

Here he is after his first taste of spaghetti!

Love that face!

Here is Jackson after spaghetti night. Guess why he has none on his face?


  1. Miller is such a great out he will eat anything! Anna has great stories about Grace, her super eater, candles, Desitin, prenatal vitamins, etc. She was close with the Poison Control people...maybe you should get their number!?!?


  2. Oh my goodness, Kelly is right! Grace ate everything in sight! I seriously was worried that Poison Control kept a record of who called! Fortunately, she continuous to eat everything (just not the inappropriate stuff!). Miller will probably always be a great eater! The photo is precious!

  3. Well, there are worse things Miller could be eating than some TP. I agree -- keep that number handy and just pray he limits his unorthodox eating to stuff that's not poisonous!

    I am sure he will have no trouble with his first birthday cake!!!


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