Monday, March 26, 2012

The Trophy

Major excitement.  After many practices and games, Jackson and his team came I third place at last weekend’s tournament.  That is not the exciting part.  Well it could be since all season they had won only one game.  In the tournament they didn’t lose any of their games.  All 4 games were tied.  We’ll take it!

THIS is what they real excitement is about.  Jackson got his first trophy!

(On my other camera I have pictures of him actually playing in the tournament, but at this moment, I can’t actually find said camera—Shhh!  Don’t tell Michele!)



Waiting is hard!


At last!


Admiring his trophy!


Those kids were so excited, you would have thought they had won the Olympics.  I love that about this age!


On the way home Jackson kept saying, “Aren’t you so proud of me for getting this trophy?”  In his mind it was because he has a trophy that I’ll be proud of him.  He doesn’t quite get it that I’m proud of him getting out there for all the practices and all the games and playing his heart out.  Bless his sweet little heart!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Senor Frogs Spring Break 2012

You may remember that Jackson asked to go to Senor Frogs after being named Student of the Week.

We thought about 11:15 on a Sunday morning would be pretty calm at Senor Frogs.  We were wrong.

We sat in the front, away from all the “celebrating” in the back.

It was still very crazy!  But we had fun.  We celebrated Jackson and Miller’s accomplishments.  That’s what counts.




see all those ships in town that day.  They ALL went to Senor Frogs!


He’s going to kill me.  If he does then he will have to this alone.


Yep, he drank the whole thing.  Strange that they don’t have kids cups there Winking smile


This time Jackson noticed what was on the ceiling.  He got a good laugh out of all the bottoms up there.  Potty and underwear humor has started recently as well.  Super.IMG_0156

Do you see all those people in the pic above? So when Miller’s Sprite was finished he said he had to potty. I took him through all those people. He didn’t mind. Boy loves a good party, especially if there is dancing and loud music involved. When we got to the restroom, he left something in the toilet that I can’t even describe. They should have made a t-shirt for it, though!


Thanks boys for being so good.  Now we have even more memories of  the celebration.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beach days are back

Believe it or not we haven’t been going to the beach much lately.  I know I sound lame when I say, “it’s too cold”.  We have ridden our bikes several times to the beach and walked on it and gone to watch the amazing kite boarders, but we have only put on bathing suits and all that a handful of times this winter.

Fridays are half days for the boys, so when a friend invited us to go over to their beach, we were happy to accept the invitation.  We have had some crazy windy weather {30 mph gusts anyone?}, so the ocean was still quite rough.  That didn’t slow them down much!



A big wave got him!


The color of the water never fails to delight me!


Silly boys were filling up their pants with sand.  Can anyone say chafing?


After a bit the littles decided that they could use a little of the heated pool.


Miller prefers the unheated pool.  I will never stop scratching my head about that boy.  The twins don’t quite get him either!


Just like there is a rainy season and a dry season here, there is a beach season and a park season.  We love going to the park, but we are really looking forward to resuming our beach and pool season too!

I’m sure come late August, I am going to be eagerly awaiting park season, but for now this is pretty wonderful!

Monday, March 12, 2012

They did it!

Last week we had a first here at our house.  Our firstborn got in a little trouble at school.  I wasn’t really shocked by this as I had seen it coming for quite some time.  All the boys in the class are quite pushy.  It was just a matter of time before Bug got in trouble for it.  He got his name put on the board.  I know I am a little biased here, but he is normally a very good boy.

Some families believe that if the child gets punished at school they shouldn’t get punished at home.  We are not that family.  He has a great teacher, but when she gets mad, it is kind of laughable.  Don’t get me wrong, we love her, but she makes the Stay Puff Marshmallow man look tough!

So, I told him that if he got his name on the board again I was taking away TV for a week.  Yes, I did.  Sure it is harsh, but that boys loves his TV, a lot!  The last two days of the week he did fantastic.  All this week I got great reports.  We were so pleased when he was chosen as Student of the Week for his class!

Have I told you how much I adore their school?  I do!  He was recognized at their weekly assembly.


Maybe one day I can capture some pictures that aren’t blurry, but for now, this is what you get!

We also got 5 consecutive days of good behavior from the Butterbean too!   Their class doesn’t have a Student of the Week yet, but for us to get 5 good days in a row from him is pretty fantastic!  Did you know he still likes to bite?  Yep, at three and a half he’s still working on that.  It’s awfully cute when you pick him up and he is so excited to tell you, “I didn’t bit anybody today!”

We let Jackson pick a special treat.  He decided that he wanted to go see the movie The Lorax and go eat at Senor Frog’s.  We went to the movie yesterday, it’s really cute.  We had to wait for Senor Frog’s.  It’s Spring Break in these parts, and we like to keep it PG around here. So we will be heading over there when we think the rowdy Spring Breakers are sleeping it off!

Did you know that he chose Senor Frog’s for his birthday too?  5th birthday at Senor Frogs.  Don’t judge, please!

Here’s proof!


Awe!  He is so sweet!

We are so proud of our boys.  For them to both have a great week at the same time makes me {finally} feel like I’m doing something right!

God help me, it sounds like I am going to be brought a big lesson in humility real soon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rain Dance

I’m not opposed to letting the boys play in the rain.

Last week we got the first rain we have had in ages.  I’ve never lived in an area where there is a true “rainy season”, but we do now.  Apparently, we got an early start on rainy season already since it has rained twice since then.

About 15 minutes before it was time to pick up Jackson from school, the sky opened.  I wasn’t thrilled, but it does have to rain sometimes.

When we got home Miller asked if he could shower outside in the rain.  Sure, why not?!?

Miller went for broke, but I convinced him to keep something on since he was in the front of the house.  Jackson is just a bit more inhibited than Miller, thank God!


That stick was a light saber last week.  This week it is a fishing pole.


If you look at the edge of the flower bed {bottom right} you an see how much rain we got.  It is overflowing with water!


This week it is super windy.  Wonder what next week hold?  I’m hoping for more boating weather!