Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What the Heck Wednesday—Ridin’ Island Style

Like all good children of the 70’s, we rode around in the back of trucks.  We also rode in cars with no seatbelts {in the backseat of course} station wagons and even our Grandmother’s Ford Pinto with a dog cage installed.  Anything with questionable safety…been there, done that!  As times have changed people take less risks with safety. 

However here in the Bahamas I think there is sometimes the mentality of, “We aren’t going that fast, so we won’t get hurt.”  Which is why I see this each and every day. {I was actually stopped so it was safe to take the picture} 


On this day a funny thing happened. Pure Coincidence. 

In the evening after I took this photo, a friend of Allen’s asked for his help moving something heavy.  There were about 5 men helping.  They were going from an adjacent neighborhood to our neighborhood.  So they were all riding in the back of a pickup.  No big deal.  Once they got it moved into the house all the guys had to ride back over to the first house to get their cars.  The kids of course want to join their dads in the back of the truck.  I immediately say, “No”.  Allen immediately says, “Come on!”  I was thankful that Miller was already on his bike and riding home as this went down.  Jackson was all in!

It reminds me of this commercial.  I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but I do love it!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sick of it!

Week before last Miller had a cold.  He stayed home from school because he was sick…until about 10 a.m.  Then he was fine!

Allen and I weren’t too surprised when a few days later we started to get that feeling.  You know the one!

By Tuesday afternoon, I had officially called friends and asked them to take the boys home from school for me.  I stayed home Wednesday and Thursday and thought that by Friday I was beginning to feel a little better. 


That was before Friday night where I coughed so hard that couldn’t catch my breath.  I thought, “Well I guess I should have gone to see the Doctor after all.”  I decided that no matter what I was going to the Doctor on Monday.

Monday rolled around and though I felt slightly better I still had a nasty cough and called the office.  My doctor was away, but they put me with another doctor.  That doctor was apparently too busy because she didn’t even give me an exam and just told me to take the two over the counter meds I had already been taking.

No bueno.

So here we are on Wednesday and each day I feel a little better, but still have a cough and congestion.  Oh well.  It is true your body will heal itself.  If you’re 6 it takes about a day, if you’re my age it takes about 2 weeks.  Not that I’m bitter.

So Miller comes home yesterday with a new cold.  Yep, I've been sick for so long that he has gone and gotten another cold before Allen and I have finished with the last one he gave us!  Here’s to being over 40!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Flashback Friday

I was just reading on Big Mama’s blog about her newest book, Nobody’s Cuter Than You.  Big Mama is writing about her friendship with her BFF Gulley. 

It made me think of this girl.  We met in fifth grade, went through the rest of our schooling together.CAM01066

We lived together in college.  Well there was our first year where we thought we wouldn’t room together because we thought we were going to go to college to meet new {better} friends.  Turns out that was a mistake, but we didn’t want to be mean to our roommates, so we lived with them all that year.

Oh the stories we have!  We are still as tight as ever. 

In April we had our college reunion.


This Summer we had a day together just to enjoy some uninterrupted {childfree} time together.


Love you girl!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What the heck Wednesday- Tenting

When we moved here, I had no idea how frequently I would see this in my neighborhood.

photo 2 (4)

This is the house across the street from us.  It is a lovely home with gorgeous royal palms out front and apparently termites inside.

When houses here get termites {and living in this climate, they all do at some point or another} they put these giant tents on them, attach a tank of poison gas insecticide  to a hose going through to the house and leave it like this for 3 days.  it penetrates the wood and walls killing the termites.

If there is any doubt if you should go in or not, they put this sign in the yard. 

photo 1 (7)

Just in case you were considering going in…

Then when the three days are up, the exterminators come and remove the tent, and the family moves back in.  To the house with poison in it.

We found that one of our kitchen cabinets has termites.  We reported it to the landlord and so far we haven’t had much of a response.  Hopefully if it gets worse we will be long gone from this house!  Who knows since those termites were recently evicted from the house across the street we may be seeing this much sooner than we would like!

Anyone want to come visit?