Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Miller Explains It All

Miller is currently obsessed with all tings to do with ocean animals (yes I said tings, that’s how they say it here).  He also has an amazing imagination.  The other day he was explaining to me all about his latest find on the beach in our yard, I decided to video him.

He’s telling you about a sting ray bone that he found and he is explaining it all in the style of River Monsters host Jeremy Wade.  {That is another obsession.  Both boys have a love /hate relationship with the show.  They love watching it, but it scares them a bit too.} 

He is telling you that they cut the tail off with their knife and that’s how it died and ended up on the beach.

I have no idea what he will come up with next, but I do know that he is very imaginative and it will be entertaining.

**No Spotted Eagle Rays were harmed.  It’s actually a piece off of our coconut tree.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catch Up

Somehow April has come and almost gone and I’m a little behind on my blogging.  I need to do a little catch up, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

The boys participated in Sports Day for their school.  They play various games and have lots of fun.

Jackson ended up earning a first place ribbon in Dodge Ball.




Miller and his friend won a first place ribbon in the 50 yard dash.  Bless his heart, he was watching the other kids and his partner had to pull him along!


He also won another blue ribbon, but he doesn’t know what it was for and I missed it.


The next day we went to an Easter Egg Hunt.  The boys had a blast.



Miller was one of the older children in the “young” group.  He did very well.NIK_6230

Jackson was one of the younger ones in the older group.  Their eggs were hidden a little more craftily.


I had to stop and take in some of the beauty…


Miller loves the rope swing there.  I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous of that swing!


Jackson recruited a classmate to join him on the potato sack race.  They started out pretty far behind.


A couple other teams were so ambitious that they knocked each other over…then Jackson and his partner got first place.


We also celebrated Easter with our whole family under one roof again!


I think that pretty much catches us up to mid April!  Phew!  I’ll be back soon with some more recent events.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

125 Years of Educating Women

Today I leave my island home to go visit my Alma Mater, Converse College.  Most people have never heard of it, but I am so proud that I graduated from such a fine college.  This year marks 20 {GASP!} years since I graduated as well as the 125th anniversary of the college.
There are three things that I’ve done that have made me the person I am today.  One of them is graduating from Converse. If you know nothing about Converse College this video might pique your interest.

This article came out recently and it describes some of the history that has been uncovered as they have been renovating Pell Hall, where I lived as a freshman.  If those walls could talk!
I am helping to plan our reunion and have asked classmates to send me photos from our college years.  I have laughed until I cried at some of the pictures, but out of respect, I’ll just share the ones that show us being “collegiate”.
Yes. there are only two.  In my defense I have all my pictures in storage and can’t get to them now.  I’m sure there are plenty more of them there.
Because Converse is a private women's college they could place all sorts of rules on us.  They were just protecting us from ourselves, but we did in fact need that protection.  In addition to protecting us those rules also made us so very close.  My Converse friends will be there if I need them.  Period.
The first 6 weeks of our Freshman year we had a curfew.  Of midnight.  We did it too.  After the first six weeks we got our curfews extended until 2 a.m.  Can you imagine?  I can, and looking back on it, I’m so glad we had a curfew.  As my mama always says, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.”  Truer words have never been spoken!
Our entire four years were had to live on campus.  We ate most of our meals in the the Dining Hall {not a cafeteria}  and were had a sit down dinner every night.  At the time that was unusual, but now it is un heard of.  It gave us such a strong bond.  We really knew our classmates.
Every college has convocation, and other ceremonies, but we were required to attend six a year and we would have to pay a fine or do labor if we missed them.  We had to go to Convocation, Festival of Lessons and Carols, May Day and Founder’s Day.  We detested dressing for all the ceremonies, but it was really special.
Another special tradition at Converse is the Big Sis/ Little Sis tradition.  During the first few weeks, freshman, juniors and transfers attend a series of mixers and fun activity nights.  Each Freshman is chosen by a Junior to be a little sis.  During Big Sis Lil Sis Week, the big sister’s identity is a carefully guarded secret. At night, mysterious runners deliver presents and goodies.  The even number classes are Pink Panthers and the odd numbered classes are Red Devils.  Of course I was a Pink Panther.  Pink is much better than red.  Old loyalties die hard.
So this weekend I will be reconnecting with women who share a common experience with me, but also love for the college who made us into the women we are today.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rose Island Days

The day before Allen got home, our friends invited us to go to Rose Island with them and since it would be rude to not go, we joined them.

It was a bit choppy heading over there, but it was such a gorgeous day.  The boys started collecting things to make a fort and were so excited to show us their masterpiece.


This is a straight out of the phone picture with no enhancements…


While we were floating in the water, a little wave knocked me off balance and I put my hand down for balance and I came up with two small sand dollars!  I showed the boys how to dig their toes in the sand and find the sand dollars.  We came home with this.


As soon as I put them out, the flies started cleaning them for me.  Did you know that you don’t have to bleach sand dollars?  You can leave them out in the sun and mother nature will bleach them for you?  Yep.

As we were coming home, I am always so thankful that we live this amazing life with amazing experiences.  My memory is not great, but I never want to forget what it feels like.


Monday, April 21, 2014

He’s Back!

After 3 long months, Allen is finally home!  He has had a temporary assignment to California since January.  The boys and I were fine while he was gone, but it sure is nice to have the family back together under one roof!


We did go visit him during the boys’ Winter break, but it was two months, once we got home from that that we didn’t see him.  It really makes me appreciate the sacrifices that the military spouses make every time their husbands are deployed.

The boys made him signs and were absolutely giddy leading up to his return on Saturday.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Beach Bag

Trust me when I say I put my beach bags to the test!  We are at the beach quite a bit, but mine also goes to the pool and is often on the boat too.  I regularly stuff it to overflowing and carry it, slide it, haul it and throw it in the trunk.

When we moved here, I used one of the LL Bean XL Boat and tote.  Those bags are sturdy and all of mine have held up well.  It’s down side was it’s weight.  Fully loaded it weighed approximately 99 pounds.  Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

About a year later my sister gifted me with a Scout bag.  It is was colorful, light and easy to keep clean.  It was just as big as the LL Bean bag, and I always had it full.  After a while the laminated material started coming apart on the handles.  They looked ok, but left a sticky residue on the hands.  No bueno.

So I decided it was time to actually find the best beach bag I could.


I ordered this darling bag from Land’s End and I love it.  It isn’t as stiff as the LL Bean bags, and it has pockets.  Pockets are important.  Isn’t the kelly green monogram a great touch?

I can fit 3-4 towels and all our other necessities. 

What does a bona fide beach bum need for an afternoon at the beach?

I’m sure you’re eager to hear.I carry several  nylon zippered pouches with lots of sunscreen, goggles and an underwater camera.  I have other pouches that I keep stocked with granola bars, band aids, a few kids water toys, grocery bags to use for trash.  Hats are a real necessity for the strong sun, so I usually have one or two in my bag as well.  Last year I added a Jambox by jawbone to the bag and I love it!  Because I am fancy I also carry my iphone in a  ziplock bag.  {we have several waterproof cases, but sometimes a ziplock is just easier, you know}


I’m really looking forward to getting lots of use from this beach bag.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beaching It

We are enjoying every minute of Spring Break.  Although the boys and I thrive on schedules, I am enjoying just figuring it out as we go.

We have gone to the beach and although the boys are not enthusiastic about going, they always have a blast while we are there.

This just never gets old…


Jackson’s buddies joined us today.  I think he wants to be their third twin!


We also saw these Spotted Eagle Rays as we walked under the bridge to the beach.


They were pretty smallIMG_3100

About 20 feet away there was another group of them.  11 in all!


That never gets old either!

So I am putting the pressure on those of you who have been considering a visit.  We only have a year or so left here, so what are you waiting for?

Monday, April 14, 2014

This and That

The days are flying by and the boys are just growing up so fast.   I had to video the boys doing some of their tricks.  I’m always afraid I’ll forget what it’s like with them.  So here they are at 5 and a half and 7 and a half.

Well I can only get one small snippet to publish on here…They are totally in their element when they are doing their “tricks”!

Miller is constantly going onto the dock and observing the fish and creatures out there.  He never fails to run back inside and yell with total awe that he has seen a _______.  It doesn’t matter if it is a stingray or a minnow, he gets super excited every time.


He’s still doing his signature move…the thumbs up seems to be here to stay!  As are apples.  If he is at home he eats 2-4 a day.



This day he spotted a sea urchin…NIK_6115

an angel fish…


a Nassau grouper…


a baby angel fish ({we call them bumblebee fish}…


and a bonefish.


We later found some bubble bath…they go bonkers for bubble bath!


And that wraps up the most random post of all time!

They boys have Spring break this week, so we will be beaching it and  having lots of time to chill!