Friday, May 22, 2009


Finally I can say that my baby has hair. For a long time I would say he had hair, but it was just clear. Is that silly? No he had hair but it was fine and blonde and you really couldn't see it. There is no question that Allen's sons will have hair--and lots of it, but for some reason it didn't look that way in the beginning.
But now it has come in thicker and fluffier and though it is still blonde it is now visible!

These days Jackson is really eager to help around the house with a few select chores. I say select because he is two and a half after all. He can take his sippy cup to the sink, but not his plate because he dumps crumbs on the floor as he walks. He can water the flowers with a watering can. Not houseplants because his version of watering involves turning the watering can upside down so the water dumps out of the hole and not the spout!

Jackson also loves pulling the recycling tubs to and from the street. I am hoping to hand off all trash and recycling chores to him in the next week or so. Just kidding!

I guess what I am saying is whether it is hair or help around here, I will take what I can get!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Things have been busy here. Even busier than normal.
Miller has 2 or 3 new teeth and an ear infection.
Jackson has finally been bribed enough to be mostly potty trained. Hooray for Big Boy pants. Clean and dry Big Boy pants!
The Pink Dogwood has been really busy. I have been doing 5-7 orders a week for the last several weeks and that is a lot!
Last weekend I sold a bunch of baby stuff at the Baby Bazaar that they have in our town. It was great to make a few $$$ on things we don't need any more. I just didn't realize all the work that goes into doing those things.
Allen has been working a different schedule, so we are adjusting to that. Not to worry he will switch again next week, so we will keep on adjusting. It's good for us, right?
Spring is finally here and we have enjoyed 2 beautiful days now. Let's hope the weather holds.
Who wants to see a picture of the boys?

They are really starting to play with each other and I LOVE IT! I wanted them close in age so that they would be friends. More than once I have wondered why I wanted to have them so close in age. Too much work! Nope!

Miller will chew on anything these days...necklaces, Diet Coke Cans, Jackson's toys!

All of Jackson's knees look like this.

Looks like he has used his jeans the way God intended for boys to use their jeans. No hand me down jeans! Miller will have to get new ones!

Hopefully things will slow down to a more manageable pace, but I'm not holding my breath!

We ordered a Big Boy Bed for Jackson. I'm scared!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camera Strap Cover

If this isn't the cutest thing you have seen since this, then I just don't know if we can be friends!

It was so easy, so if you are at all craftily (making my own words again these days) inclined then you need to give it a shot. Look here for the directions.
I promise it will make your pictures look cuter. Because a cuter photographer makes for cuter pictures, right?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

It is great to be appreciated. For Mother's Day Allen got me a new lens for my camera and
I. Love. It. So. Much.
We are still making friends, but here are some pictures taken with it(Allen obviously took the ones with me and the boys). It is a 50 mm fixed and it makes the background nice and blurry. It is way too much camera for me, but I am enjoying every minute of it.
Speaking of my camera, last night I made a camera strap cover, and it is so cute. I'll have to take a pic soon. Here is the tutorial, in case you decide you NEED one too!

OK, I took them down, and he still doesn't know, let's just keep it on the DL!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Now that I am a mom, I have a whole new appreciation for my mom--a mom of 5!
Thanks for all your work sacrifices and LOVE Mom!

We love you!

Also Thank You to Allen's Mom who did a wonderful job of raising a wonderful man!

A BIG Thank You to Allen who is making me breakfast at the moment and is taking great care today so that I don't have to lift a finger! Thanks honey!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. Enjoy your day, it does not come often enough, in my own humble opinion!

Oh, and thanks for this Kelly...I hope everyone can see it
Coming soon, my acceptance speech!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peek a boo!

Whew! Nothing too blog worthy these days. It is a tough week here. Allen is working more than usual--which is a lot, Miller is getting some new teeth, Jackson is Jackson and I have had lots of orders for Pink Dogwood, so we are all exhausted. Nothing good to say, so I have been keeping quiet.

I have not been very good at taking pictures either, and there is nothing as boring as a blog with no news and no pictures. I think they call that Twitter.

If you are somewhere where there is a drought and are wondering where the rain is, I have the answer. It is here! We are on our 10th or 11th straight day of rain and it is OLD! I was looking forward to Spring, but it seems like Spring is going to be a washout and we will got straight into Summer.

The sun is out at the moment, but unless I had hipwaders there is no way to get out and enjoy it. We did get the opportunity to go out yesterday morning to a park that has ground up tires instead of mulch and Jackson enjoyed it immensley. Didn't bring my camera, but here are a couple of shots from last summer when we were there.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 to 2 howling boys, and I was thinking that it would be nice if they woke up smiling and happy and coaxed me into their rooms with their sunny chirping voices. That was not to be, but roughly a half an hour and 2 dirty diapers later we had a nice game of Peek-A-Boo going and there were smiles all around.

The good news is that Mother's Day is Sunday and I am looking forward to some R&R! Until then I am going to keep on going.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ladies Man

It is official! Miller is a flirt. He loves the ladies, that one, but he will give men a chance too, but they typically don't reciprocate they way women do. Which is they way it should be, right?

We were eating dinner in a resturaunt last night and Miller was being his usual cute self, smiling at people, making cooing noises and laughing at the women who were waving to him. At first it just seemed to be two ladies who were vying for his attention, but then I noticed a few more. He had them all spellbound. They would take a bite of their food and then turn to see if they could get him to giggle or smile. Then I noticed that there were many people watching him and smiling at his adorable ways.

He had the whole area smiling and mesmerized. People would come and go, a few even stopping by the table as they left to say goodbye and touch his sweetness.
I realize that I am just a tad biased, but when people in public comment about how beautiful your children are, it makes me think that maybe I am not as biased as I thought.

It is also my pleasure to report that Jackson is going on 6 days with no potty accidents. This has been a most expensive and trying experience, but hopefully we are on the other side of it now. It is my ferverent hope that Miller will be a little bit easier on his mama than Jackson has been.