Monday, April 26, 2010

Did You Notice?

In case you didn't notice, we went on a little trip. Like 9 days and nights without kids kind of trip! ***Warning, there are NO pictures of the Bug or the Butterbean anywhere in this post!

First we went to San Juan and did this.

The next day we got up and did this!

While we were scooting around we saw this.

That afternoon we got on our cruise.

The next morning we arrived in St. Thomas and went on a sailing and snorkeling trip. You'll never guess what we saw!

Yes! We saw a whale--actually 2 whales--in St. Thomas. A mama and a baby, who was nursing. Since the baby was nursing, the mama was close to the surface and moving really slowly. Until we got closer and then she decided she better move before I posted pictures of her privates all over then internet. Amazing is all I can say about that. Oh yeah, I touched a sea turtle and saw some Spotted Eagle Rays. After seeing a whale, it wasn't quite as exciting.
The next day we did this. MMMMMM.

Since I know you are getting a little bit green right now, I'll stop. But trust me there is more, much, much, more!


  1. Wow! It sounds like you had an amazing time! Wow (again).

  2. I thought about you all week! Glad you had a fun deserve it!!!!! I am jealous!!!



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