Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He did it!

This weekend was the weekend we were going to try taking off the training wheels.  We had tried a couple of other times, but as soon as he fell once he wanted them back on. My expectation that it was going to be a couple of weeks of wailing, crashing and me having to hold firm that he was ready to take off the training wheels.

As it turns out he was so ready.

Like I ran behind him for about 15 steps and then let go and he went about 20 feet.

The hardest part was starting.  He was used to getting on and pedaling.  He quickly figured out that he has to keep a foot on the ground and push off as he pedals.


Having Aunt Chele here was so helpful.  She gets right in there and helps out when we need her.


We have a big flat empty parking lot near our house that is perfect for riding bikes.


The hardest part was keeping him away from the 3 light posts in the parking lot.  He was like a magnet.


He looks so big on that bike.  We told him we would get him a new bigger bike when he learns to ride a two wheeler.  My smart sister realized that learning to ride a bike on a small bike would be easier than riding a bigger bike.


Looks like someone else needs a bigger bike too.  Just kidding.  That’s impressive.


Miller took this picture.  He kept telling us to sat cheese.  As in “say cheese clouds” then he’d take a picture of the clouds.


Someone turned two and a half on Sunday.


Now he is working on his skids.  Lord help us!



  1. WOWZERS! I am IM*pressed!! I ran into Michelle today at Midtown Deli (across from Costco). Missing you and so proud of you ALL! xxoo Cat

  2. muito divertido!
    visite meu blog

  3. This is so huge! Congratulations to Jackson! We also found that Harris learned quickly and easily on a smaller bike!


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