Sunday, July 10, 2011


Allen’s new camera takes some pretty nice pictures underwater.  The day that we went to test it out was a bit windy~better for flipping than snorkeling~ so the water was kind of churned up, but there was still some things worth seeing.

A big boy snorkeling


One giant sea turtle.  Yep, I know it is impossible to see, but he is there right in the middle of the picture.


A huge starfish!


A close up of the starfish.


The biggest dork ever!


So right after Allen took this picture, Jackson said, “Go that way.” and as soon as I did this amazing sea turtle swam right past me.  I didn’t have on any flippers and the camera was off.  BUT the turtle was mighty impressive.


I’ve been keeping a secret from y’all though.  There are awesome sea turtles at the beach across the street from our neighborhood.  It’s pretty amazing.

Tune in soon for more fuzzy underwater photos.

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