Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Look Mom, it’s a STINGRAY!

Yesterday we were having lunch on our patio, when Miller wandered onto the dock and screamed “Look Mom it’s a STINGRAY!”  I was a little slow getting up and getting up over there, and lo and behold there was not one stingray, but two.  They even hung around long enough for me to get my camera.  Usually, they are really shy, but not these two.  They put up with all the shouting and jumping up and down. 


Remember last time we had stingrays here, we scared them off pretty quickly.


Love this picture.  There are two rays, and Hank is looking at………….neither one!


One swam off to quieter waters, but the other one hung around for a long time.


It’s hard to tell how big they are, but I’d say the big one was two and a half feet and the smaller was about two feet across.


It is amazing how long their tails are.  Probably five to six feet.


The patterns are so gorgeous.


We would love for them to make a home here, but they have probably moved on to a quieter spot.

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