Friday, September 7, 2012


Last week we hit one of our favorite beaches for some fun in the sun before heading back to school.
Right after Jackson got in the water, he pops right out screaming his head off.  This was the same beach where he cut his foot, so that was my first thought…but no it wasn’t that.
He started screaming “LICE!, LICE!, LICE!”  we are so classy!  He was referring to “sea lice” which are jellyfish eggs.  Those suckers hurt like a B**** when they get under your skin.
Turns out it was not LICE! but was an actual jellyfish sting. 
ipad (3)
The big bruise to the temple had nothing to do with the jellyfish—that was his brother.ipad (5)
See how he is making a pitiful face?  He really did hurt.  It got him good and he was really uncomfortable for about half an hour.  Poor baby!
He managed to pull it together and have fun with the boys.
They are all holding up their treasures from that day.
Love those kids!

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