Friday, August 16, 2013

Alive at 5!

On Tuesday Miller turned 5 years old.  He has always been hilarious, but being 5 {or almost 5} has made him even funnier.


He is still very loving and sweet, but can change his mood in the blink of an eye.  He has an amazing imagination and believes in Super Heroes.  Superman is his favorite, but he really just likes them all!


Yesterday he woke up with balloons in his room and still had to ask if it was his birthday.  Jackson was more excited about Miller’s birthday than he was.  He is super easy to please too.NIK_3362

His unpredictable nature that drove me insane when he was a toddler is still in full force, but it isn’t as outlandish as it used to be.  He did lick the window in the airport the other day.


He decided that of his french toast with strawberries and whipped cream that Allen had made him for breakfast was a bit much.  He just wanted strawberries.NIK_3367

I tried to get him to hold up 5 for his fifth birthday, but he didn’t quite get it.  He thought I wanted him to give me 5.NIK_3369

After he had breakfast, Jackson insisted that he open his presents.NIK_3373NIK_3377NIK_3382NIK_3384NIK_3398

Those were just some little things we had gotten him so he’s have something to open.  His real present was on the dock!NIK_3400

The boys each got a paddleboard!

We ended up putting Miller on the front of Allen’s paddleboard and Jackson took off on his like an old pro. 



I followed behind in the kayak.  I’d never paddleboarded before and with two boys eager to get moving it certainly wasn’t a good time for lessons!


We ended up picking up the twins and heading for the beach.  Along the way we saw at least 9 spotted eagle rays.  {I almost ran us into the rocks trying to get pictures.}P8121460P8121463

The boys had a great time playing on the boards and just being boys at the beach!


The boys spent a couple of hours with the twins and then they all headed home with us for some more playing.  Miller’s birthday tradition combines two of his favorites.  Pizza and the pool!



After that we headed back to the house for some cake.


Miller is such a fun active boy and he deserved to have such a fun action packed day!

We love you Miller!

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