Friday, July 11, 2014

Cousin Bonding

We were so excited that our nieces, Miya and Romi, came to visit.  The boys were over the moon excited for them to get here and as soon as they hit the ground, Jackson and Miller were stuck like glue to them.

I could tell you day by day what we did, but it was something like this.  Get up, wait for the girls to get up, eat lunch, go to the beach, come home, shower, play, eat dinner, play and go to bed.


Miller was getting Romi pumped up to go paddle boarding for the first time.


They were awesome.


We worked on some Mandalas.  Romi had some serious skills.



We played some board games.


We cheered for the USA in the World Cup.  That was sad.NIK_7634NIK_7635

Of course there were Legos.


Lots of reading.NIK_7646

The 4th of July was great fun too!  I think the girls were thrilled/scared with how close we were to the fireworks!


We spent so much time on the beach that we may have sand in places sand shouldn’t be-forever!  The sacrifices we made for these girls!


P7012166P7012161ww (90)P6282154

ww (98)


One evening we hopped over to Atlantis to show the girls the aquariums and to go out to eat.

ww (30)ww (10)

This is the “ There’s a shark behind you!” pic.

ww (64)

Romi has amazing drawing skills, so I let her go to town with some paints and a canvas.  She’s amazing.  If she had some real lessons, I can’t imagine how awesome she would be!  Hint hint Kirk!

ww (2)

We had so much fun.  The girls are amazing and such great examples to our boys.  I wish we lived closer!

ww (34)

Come back soon, Miya and Romi!

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  1. Wow! Thx for showing them such a good time! Sounds like there may be time for another visit... Xoxox


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