Friday, August 29, 2014

Shop til You Drop and other fun!

Alrighty then!  After I took the boys to NC to stay with their grandparents, I met up with my friend Kelly and we hit Charlotte for a day of shopping. 


I have to say that when you live in a shopping void {like the Bahamas} and you go to the US, shopping is mandatory.  It is so mandatory that it takes a little of the fun out of it.  We powered through and made a really fun day of it.  I kid we always have a ball together, so anything we do is fun!

Shortly after we got to the mall we were approached by two ladies from the Chanel counter asking if we wanted to get a free makeover.  Why not!



We had a yummy lunch at CPK  {a tradition} then proceeded to make the rounds.  We ended up leaving the mall about seven hours after we entered.  Whew!


We hit a couple other spots and headed to dinner. We had so much fun just hanging out together.

The next day Michele and I got to hand out just the two of us, go to the pool and eat Mexican.  Sadly this is the only picture I have.


Sunday we took our mom out for lunch, and we had so much fun! Afterwards we hit up Ulta and then headed back to her house.  Monday I met Allen’s parents back in Hendersonville to pick up the boys.  They seemed like they had so much fun with their grandparents.  They did the Dinosaur Train, visited Fun Factory, and went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

After they were back in Greenville we spent lots of days visiting with friends IMG_3716IMG_3719IMG_3720IMG_3703

Spending time with family and hitting up all our favorite spots in Greenville.

All of a sudden it was time for us to get back to the Bahamas.

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