Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bahamian Snow Day- What the Heck Wednesday

We have been having some wild weather here recently.  Typically December is pretty windy and we have had our fair share of wind so far.  The other day as we were leaving the neighborhood there was a LOT of water in the road.  It was coming from the beach across the street and going right into our neighborhood.  Sometimes if we get a real big high tide and wind at the same time this happens. 

Not a huge deal because our neighborhood has a canal system and the water will run right back into the canals.

So I took the boys to school and we marveled at the big waves along the way.  I stayed for my usual volunteering time and then made my way home.  When I came over the hill and saw that what we had thought was high tide was really just nearly high tide.  The real high tide hit while I was at the school.  And with it came a lot of stuff that shouldn’t have been in the road.  Normally this road it a pot holed mess.  It had officially just gotten worse.

As I drove down the road I was simultaneously thinking, “This wasn’t even a storm” and “My car is going to get eaten alive with this salt water.”amh (21)

The close I got to home the worse it got…amh (30)

IMG_4211amh (38)

Have you ever run over a coconut?  I don’t suggest it.  I sounds like you just ran over a bomb.  {Or what I imagine running over a bomb would sound like since I’ve never run over a real bomb, but I have run over several coconut explosive devices}amh (44)amh (45)

As I got ready to enter my neighborhood it was a total mess.  There was a bus that got stuck in the sand.  Some guys were trying to pull it out by using a light post as leverage.  amh (49)

There were regular people passing through and poor tourists who had to get off their scooters and push them through the mess.amh (53)IMG_4228IMG_4234

I stayed within our neighborhood for an hour or two and when I came out they had tried cleaning it up some….


I’m thinking that these guys know how to drive a tractor, but snow plowing is just not their thing….

amh (63)

You see they piled all that sand right there. 

amh (61)

In the exact spot where the water came onto the road.  The exact spot where the water is going to come back through when the tide is high again next time.

amh (63)

Hey!  It beats a snow day in the North any day!

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  1. Hey it's Bahamian job security.....there will always be sand that needs plowing.
    Aunt Chele


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