Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Boy Bedding

Jackson is almost ready to move into a twin bed. We however are not ready. We are not ready for him to roam all over as he pleases. He is fine in the crib because he is contained and a contained Jackson is a good thing!

We have been generally looking around at options for twin beds. Since we intend that they will share a room at some point in the not too distant future, we think bunk beds will be in order considering our space. But before I get ahead of myself and have them already in elementary school, let me show you what I got. This is really exciting for me.

You know I love a theme. But I am picky too! A theme for a little boys room in my opinion should be very basic and not something they will grow tired of or something that passes on a whim. It is harder than you think. So back in the summer I saw bedding in Pottery Barn Kids that was perfect it was quilts with bright primary colors and dogs in silhouette. I loved it. However the price, not so much.

Fast forward a couple of months to last Friday. I went to the Pottery Barn Kids store in Bethesda to get a hook thingy for Jackson's room. Well lo and behold the bedding that I adored was 50 % off. And because it was Columbus day weekend they were taking off an additional 15%. Woo Hoo! One thing I love even more than a theme is a bargain. My wonderful husband was willing to part with some cash for his beloved boys--and he knew it was a steal!

We are now the proud owners of 2 quilts, 2 sheet sets, 2 lampshades and 2 dog shaped pillows. Oh, and don't forget the night light--had to have that! Yesterday I was in Target and picked up a curtain panel that is pretty good match. Looking for another one at the other Target tomorrow.

So we don't have a bed, and we don't even want to move him to a big boy bed, but when we do the lovely bedding will make it a little more bearable--I hope!

So, now we will begin earnestly looking for a bed for when the time comes. I hope not too soon. After all he is still just a baby, right?


  1. It is good to know that you are ready when the time comes!

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