Thursday, October 23, 2008

That's How I Roll!

I am happy to report that Miller can roll from his front to his back. We knew he was strong, and the nurse confirmed it when she went to give him his shots last week! Kelly once told me that Jackson was "abnormally strong", and she is right. Well, it looks like this one is following in Jackson's footsteps. I wish I had been faster with the camera and then I could have documented it. Oh well, we will have time to document later.

Jackson continues to amaze us with his observations. Apparently all the talking and reading with him is paying off. Who knew that he would know the difference between a cell phone and a regular phone? Not me. He has picked up some letters on his own. Rather he sees a letter and says something that begins with that letter. So when he sees an M he says Miller, and a J is a Jackson. He is soaking up so much, so fast!

And for the big news....Miller has slept over 8 hours for 2 nights in a row (please don't let me jinx myself by saying this)!!! I am overjoyed. If you know me well, you know that my initiation into motherhood was not easy. This little guy has been giving us pleasant surprises since he was born (literally)! He eats, sleeps and smiles. He cries too, but if you pick him up, he will usually stop. Now I am working on getting his naps more regular. Thank You God for giving me this angel!

Here are a few recent pics! Why are the bottom 2 sideways Kelly? They were uploaded hortizontally???UGH I need a tutorial!

Jackson sees Miller has a paci...

and says, "I'll take that for you little brother!"

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  1. Cute post! Rolling already...before you know it your sweet baby boy will be wrestling with his brother!

    The pictures were probably turned in your viewer but the actual file was not turned. Open in explorer then right click and choose rotate. Atleast that is what I do!

    Love ya
    **Do you have blogger set up to email you when you get a comment?


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