Thursday, November 13, 2008

Camera Suggestions

We're in the market for a new camera. When trying to capture moments with 2 active little ones, I am usually frustrated by how slow my camera is in between shots. It would be great to get an SLR that has the capabilty of shooting at a high speed. Most of my close ups end up blurry. I love close ups because of the details, but it takes me forever to get the correct setting. I know that I have the ability to take much better pictures if I had the right equipment. But what equipment do I get? How much do I need and what about lenses? Those are confusing! Kelly got a pretty nifty one. Will I use all that? Nikon? Cannon?
Tell me what you think? I know you have an opinion!


  1. Well, I have the Canon SLR and I love it. I'm still in the process of learning how to use it, but I've been able to get some good shots of Izzy and Ricky. You should check out Sam's Club and/or Costo, they sometimes have bundles of the camera body and lenses at a reasonable price. The only thing when purchasing a Canon, you are forced to use their lenses, while the Nikons you can buy other manufacturer's lenses.

  2. get yourself a good point and shoot, (sony, whatever) and you should be able to get good pics. the trick is learning HOW to use it. most cameras require half way down to focus and all the way down to take the pic. try this website for more advice, it's GREAT!

    ~amy romero (a friend of Mark's in abq.)


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