Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fix it up, Wear it out, Make do, Do without!

This is an idea that I totally stole from scrapbooking goddess Heidi Swapp and we have adopted it as our new family motto.

We are making a real effort to cut back our spending by changing some of our wasteful ways. My biggest effort is eating leftovers. This doesn't sound big, but trust me, it is! Allen has been riding the scooter to the Metro. At the moment he is riding home IN THE RAIN! He has always been thriftier than me.
I have continued to keep spray paint manufacturers in business as I make over things in our house with paint. Nothing is safe! We have even sold a few things on EBay. Sadly my feet grew again with this baby and I had some shoes that were practically new. They now have a new home! I also had a few small purses that were very nice, but not at all practical for a mom of two. I'm giving someone else the opportunity to wear them out.
What do you think Jackson and Miller are doing? Jackson is switching to a new brand of diapers, and Miller continues to wear all of Jackson's hand me downs. Hank is even pitching in by eating dog food from Costco!


  1. Love the motto...I have never seen that one!
    We had free fun at TJ Maxx the other day...bought nothing! Saved really big at Publix and CVS last night. I am trying very hard to recycle more and cut corners everywhere financially. We will be so glad for all of this frugalness one day!

  2. Only my sister would adopt a new motto and have to make a sign and spreadsheet for the project! Fo Martha Jr. You crack me up and I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

  3. Hand me down clothes are awesome! They're already comfortable, and when Allen and I were little, garage sale clothes often already had patches on them. How cool was that?! So enjoy the hand-me-downs, Miller, and wear 'em out moving around and playing and stuff! Probably the simplest part of the plan, which we all should implement. I know I need to be better about it.

  4. Hi, Actually the motto is from World War II. It was the countries motto! Right along with the Victory gardens that we should all be planting!


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