Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Days are here

We have had a really mild fall this year, so we were really suprised by snow on Saturday. We barely got the leaves cleaned up the weekend before the snow. They had only called for a dusting so we were really surprised that we got about 5 inches!
One thing that we are always amazed by is how quickly the roads are cleared. This storm took everyone by surprise, but the roads were taken care of and fine for driving.

We had plans for Saturday too. We were going to Krispy Kreme for breakfast, then we were going to cut down our Christmas tree. Later that evening we were going to the tree lighting for our city at the park near our house and our friends were going to go with us and then were going to stay and have dinner with us. We did 50% of what we intended, but the day was even better than we could have hoped.

Krispy Kreme, check!

This is after his 2nd donut. MA-jor sugar high!

Cutting down a tree, nope.

Tree lighting was cancelled. Boo!

Our friends did come over for dinner and we had so much fun! Instead of going to the tree lighting we went for a walk to see Christmas lights. Within the first 5 minutes it seemed like a BAD idea, but we ended up having a blast!

We did, however, get a tree from a nursery on Sunday and we love it very much!
Jackson had a blast eating the snow off the trees as we shopped. Crazy boy!

Once we got home Miller was able to enjoy the snow from our cleared off sidewalk. He wasn't a fan of walking in it, but he did like it if he could stand firmly on pavement near it and eat it from a safe distance.

That afternoon we attempted to take our Christmas card picture. An exercise in patience! Here are some that are NOT our Christmas card photo!

Friday Miller is scheduled to get tubes in his ears. Pray the surgery is fast and goes well. Hopefully this will help him with the many ear infections he has endured this year!

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