Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This time of year gets me thinking of all I have accomplished (or not) and all I hope to accomplish in the coming year. Life often brings surprises, but it is important to set goals for yourself. Making resloutions don't seem to work out for me. I usually make my resolutions but then when I break it, I just give up. lame, I know. So last year I decided to give myself a single word that I wanted to be my theme for the year. Last year I chose "thrive". It was good and so many ways I did thrive. However, I think I can do better (better is a good one).
Now I am pondering an appropriate word for the coming year.
It is important to make it not just a good word, but one that I can really embrace (embrace is a good one) and let it sink into many aspects of my life.
Have you ever done this? What word would you choose?
I think I have my word. It is in one of these sentences. Can you figure it out?


  1. I give up, what is it? Missed you all yesterday!

  2. Hmm...what was my word from last year?? What did I want to change it to? Maybe I should use the word remember this year...

    Is your word lame? Ponder? Appropriate? Think? Embrace????????


  3. My guess is "accomplish".

    I never feel like I accomplish anything now that I have a child. I can't imagine it is any better for a stay at home mom of two.

  4. Kelly, You picked purposeful. I think you met that.

    I on the other hand picked settled. Yeah, not even close. Just threw another wrench in that one.


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