Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a taste

Yesterday was a real taste of Spring. It was really stormy in the morning. Then it was sunny and windy, then it was warm and cloudy in the late afternoon. We were able to go out in our driveway and let Jackson play with his Bounceback Racer. He calls it the "Fab-we-ous Racer". Basically it is a remote control car with soft plastic wheels that flips over if it hits something straight on. Then it will also flip a wheelie if you hit the buttons just right.

The Butterbean was all about playing with the gravel, using (and eating the chalk) and showing off his not as black eye.

Allen was even home from work in time to play with us too. Isn't he looking good?

He doesn't like to have his picture taken, much less out on the blog, but it's my blog and I can put a picture of my honey on there if I want to!
Oh, and by the way, since I know you have been waiting for me to say something... Last night was the first time (this season) I have been terribly disappointed by The Bachelor. Don't worry I still have hope that love will prevail!
Now our taste of Spring is over, and it's sleeting. Come back and visit soon Spring!


  1. IT was oddly warm here to yesterday... but we are back to being cold. I do love winter BUT I've been dreaming of hydrangeas!

  2. What a fun spring day...sorry it came to an end!!


  3. I like that little car. I will have to put that on the "when he is older" list. I am sure they enjoyed getting outside. Great pictures

  4. Too cute. I miss seeing the boys in person; might have to see about using some annual leave sometime this spring....
    Looking slimmer, Allen; but is that some gray hair I'm seeing? Not sure if you'll catch up with your little brother, of course.


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