Monday, January 11, 2010

Nuttin' New Here

We are in the midst of a frigid winter with nothing new but a fresh round of colds. I thought Allen was being excessive when we bought Kleenex at Costco. Turns out that, as usual, he was right.
After the Christmas decorations came down it felt a little, empty. So I did what any sane person would do.
I traipsed back up into the attic, that was approximately 25 degrees, and pulled out some of the Winterish decorations. It didn't look quite pulled together, so I made a little garland to hang from the mantle and even sewed some little mittens to cutesify it.

It's still winter, it's still beyond cold and we still all have colds, but at least we have some decorations to get us throught until Spring.


  1. This has been a really cold winter huh? As old as my house and windows are we are running the furnace constantly! (I hate to see our bill)

    Your decorations are so cheery! The garland is just too cute.

  2. I like the word winterish...So your winterish decorations look festivish!


  3. Looks like you bought sugar at Costco to fill those canisters. Ha Ha Very cute as usual!

    Aunt Chele

  4. It always feels so sparse after Christmas gets put away...I love it for a few days and then..bleh. Your winter decorations are cute and cheery! Stay warm!


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