Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog day

Yesterday was Groundhog Day and the Groundhog saw his shadow and we all know that we are in for 6 more weeks of...THIS!
Then I read this blog post about motherhood being like Groundhog day. Although her life is a bit different from mine, it seems we are all feeling it.
Around here we have had more snow. 6 inches on Saturday. 6 inches last night. Another big storm coming this weekend. Not complaining, but it is like Groundhog Day.
We are also back on the antibiotic train. Now both boys are on them. Seems we can not get rid of the creeping crud! Poor J never complained, but in the words of the Pediatrician, "His ear looks gross."
So to cheer you up here are MORE pictures of the boys in the snow.

My memory card was full when we went for a walk and some sledding on Saturday afternoon, so you can just imagine. But boy did we have fun! The boys loved sledding. We also walked to the park and when Jackson went down the slide it was so slick with his nylon snow bibs that he landed on his bottom about 3 feet away from the slide. Hot dog! That was a blast!

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  1. You know I read that post by Cjane and thought how motherhood is like groundhog day... I had never thought of it that way. BUT what I think is a little sad is that because so much of our days resemble other days we don't realize that things are changing every single day. For instance, I have realized that I don't see my girlfriends during the day as much as I used to because the children are older/bigger! Moms no longer come on their playdates! It happened so gradually I didn't even notice!

    We haven't gotten as much snow as you guys but we did get some last night and are supposed to get more this weekend!


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