Friday, February 12, 2010

More Snow

So we got about 12 more inches of snow(note the tone of excitement in my voice). That puts about 3 feet in our yard. That's all I can say. Tuesday we went to play with our playgroup friends and the boys had lots of fun playing with their friends. Jackson loved learning how to make a snow cave!

The best part of all this snow has been the sledding. We have learned that we NEED a bigger sled. Good luck finding that! Enjoy!


  1. With pictures like this there is no way I can post pictures of our rocking 3 1/2 inches. Ha Ha
    Looks like fun and wish I was there.....for about a day and then somewhere warm please.

    Aunt Chele

  2. What an amazing amount of snow!!! (I hope it melts soon...)


  3. I have never seen such!! Looks like the kids are having fun, at least. Wish we could all be there together to watch the kiddos have at it! Hang in there my friend! Love you! Cat


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