Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did I Really?

On Sunday it had been hovering near 100 degrees, which is balmy if you live in Laredo, but is beastly when you live in D.C. So when I looked out and saw that it was raining, I told the boys that they could go stand on the front step and watch the rain.

They must have misunderstood me and thought I said, "Go stand out in the rain like fools and soak it all up!", because that's just what they did.

As I have proven before, some moms would stop them, but I'm not that mom. I am the mom who grabs her camera and documents it. Then they were in the driveway showing off their splashing skills. They have some pretty decent skillz in that department too. Jackson even said, "It's like the Splash Park in our driveway!" He was right, except that we weren't in bathing suits!
Here are some from before we got completely soaked. I may lack judgement and let my kids play in the rain, but I do want to keep my lovely camera safe!

Sometimes I like to think of myself as a fun mom, but lately I have been a more of a grouchy mom. This time I am glad I let the fun mom in me come out and play a little bit, even if she did get completely soaked!

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