Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three great tastes

The Reunion was big fun. I'm tired from all the fun, but also a lot happier to have had over 48 hours of adult only conversation. That alone is big. Everyone here had lots of fun. My camera has about 458 new pictures to prove it! But since I wasn't here, I can't really blog about it. Some time I may have to blog about the fun we had, but since I'm tiredish, it won't be today.

As I may have told you before Jackson is not an enthusiastic eater. Miller is a better eater, but isn't one of those children who will eat whatever you put in front of him.

Jackson is partial to crackers and candy. Miller is especially partial to anything crinkly. Mostly paper. Don't leave a magazine on the coffee table because you'll come back to wet soggy bits.

On Allen's birthday, naturally, his presents were wrapped. Miller loved playing with the paper. A little while later he starts to vomit. "Oh my," I thought, "no good having a sick baby when it's Daddy's birthday." A couple of minutes later, as he is on my lap, I feel him begin to vomit again. It didn't take too long to realize that he was gagging as he was vomiting. I reached way too far down his throat and removed a huge hunk of wet, gooey wrapping paper. Nice.

Has that deterred him from eating more paper? Not in the least.

Sometime recently I took these pictures of him in my room. He was crawling around getting into things as I dried my hair and got ready. Then he found the magazines under my bedside table. Jackpot.

So, a better mom might have stopped her baby from doing this, but I'm not that mom.

Just so you know, in the last picture he isn't hurt from falling off the bedside table, but he's angry because he thinks I took the magazine away from him. Really, it is just under his belly.

Apparently he told Jackson how awesome paper tasted because yesterday while I was busy changing Miller's diaper, Jackson helped himself to a little something from my road trip stash. Paper and all.

Apparently the smart folks in marketing at Reece's have the slogan all wrong. What it is really supposed to be is, "THREE great tastes that taste great together!"

Now that we have that straight! Let's get to the disclaimer portion of this message...

I'm not ashamed to admit that he has an old People magazine in Miller's mouth. I am a proud long term subscriber. I AM ashamed that it appears that my bed is not made in this picture. I'm sure it is. And if it isn't can you pretend like it is? That's what friends do, right? Thanks!


  1. Funny post. The Reeses cup made me laugh. You are a better mom than me. I am going to have a hard time sharing my candy stash. I was secretly happy that Will hated his b-day cake.
    Just think of the paper as ruffage. It will help everything else go down.

    PS I did not notice the bed. All I could see were the cute PJs and frog legs in the air.

  2. I have to admit I like you even more now that you have revealed a love for People magazine! Just think of all that paper as needed ruffege! (I have no idea if that is sp correctly!)

  3. Anna did not tell you that she has a good eater too! Her daughter ate everything...Desitin, candles, etc. I think Miller is one his way!!



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