Friday, August 20, 2010

Jackson at 4

Jackson went for his 4 year old check up today and got 5 shots.  Yes, that is more than any little guy should have to endure and he did great!  He cried until the band- aids were on and then he wanted his treat!  So proud of that guy. 

In addition to being tough he has started wearing underwear at night.  MAJOR! 

The only thing that could possibly overshadow that is that he is swimming now.  Not quite sure how that has happened other than I have taken him to the pool at every chance and he has been willing to allow me to push him outside of his comfort zone.  He can still only go about 6-8 feet, but boy are we proud of those 6- 8 feet!  He is convinced that he will be a diver (deep sea kind) and swimming is a kind of a big first step in that goal!  He has had his snorkel gear for a while!  This is him on the way to the beach, when he couldn't swim.

Recently he has been telling jokes.  When I say jokes I mean he says some thing like this: "How did the robot eat the..." and looks around for an item, then sees something and says "remote?"
Then we say, "Why?"
He says, "Because it was his dinner!!!!!  Laugh!"
The we laugh big old belly laughs and then we get variations on that hilarious joke for the next few minutes.  It is pretty hysterical.

He has also been asking questions about lots of things:  "Why do boys have ____ and girls have ___?" and   "Before you were my mommy, and you were a little girl, did I have another mommy?", and lots of questions about what we are taking to the Bahamas.

He's very into playing by himself recently.  He likes to take his toys to his room or the basement, where he is out of his brother's reach, and play.  He has started playing with smaller toys and is so funny when he makes his guys talk to each other.  His Playmobil Underwater Expedition, which was his birthday present, is his current favorite, but he is also really fascinated with robots too right now!

A few more things about Jackson
     *He wears size 4 clothes now.
     *His feet are a size 10 1/2, which is so odd.  Last October he was a size 10.  His feet grow about once a year and then he usually skips a size or two.
     *His favorite movie is Wall-e
     *He gets a new mosquito bite every time he steps out of the house.  Usually on his face.
     *His favorite color is green and he wants everything to be green!
     *Doesn't really want to play with his brother, but is very protective of him to other people.
     *He knows almost all his letters, all his shapes and colors, but no numbers.
     *He sleeps with a white stuffed mouse, name Mousie.
     *He gave up naps at the beginning of the Summer.  He adjusted pretty quickly and it has been so much better than I ever thought.
     *He's ready for his next birthday...any day now!

This is him giving ,"the stink eye"

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