Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miller at 2

Friday was Miller's 2nd birthday.  How can he already be two when he was just born the other day?  He's my last baby so I have tried very hard to enjoy every moment even though not all of his moments are enjoyable.

He continues to be the happiest child ever.  He smiles so much and has such a fantastic smile.  It covers his whole face.  From the beginning he has had such an easygoing personality.  He is happy to just roll with it most of the time.  Because he is the second child he  thinks he can do anything his older brother does.  He skipped a lot of little guy stuff and went right to the dump trucks and trains.  In addition to these admirable traits, Miller is also the strongest child I've ever seen.  I could go on all day about the climbing, push- ups, jumping and throwing skills he has, but I'll just sum it up and say the kid is an athlete, and I see lots of time sitting in the bleachers in my future.

Lest you think that Miller is all sunshine and perfection I have to mention that he bites.  Yep, he still bites anyone, anytime he doesn't get his way.  Dogs, adults, other toddlers, all of them have been victims of him and his teeth.  He also is a major hothead.  He can flip a switch and pitch a major fit in the blink of an eye if he thinks his rights are being violated.  It's kind of funny to watch, in a demented sort of way, when he looks for something to bang his head on.  He has awesome aim with his sippy cup and watch out if he is mad and that thing is nearby because someone is gonna get a sippy cup upside the head!  Luckily his tantrums usually pass as quickly as they start. 

His speech is still a concern to us.  He continues to progress in vocabulary, but is still on the low end of the scale.  Next week he is going to have a speech evaluation that will hopefully bring us some perspective on this.  Maybe if he can get better at his communication he will also stop throwing as many tantrums.  My gut tells me that he is fine, but I'd love to hear a professional tell me what he needs.

Some other things about Miller
     *wears size 2 clothes, and size 5 diapers
     *wears 6 1/2 double wide shoes, his feet are shaped like light bulbs making him tough to fit.
     *uses about 70 words, but points a lot too
     * loves to go to the pool and is very cautious about it.
     *can throw a ball overhand with accuracy.
     *has blue green eyes, that change depending on what he is wearing.
     *watches everything we do and is an excellent mimic
     *eats very well, calls bread "lunch" and is partial to fruit of all kinds.
     *dances every chance he gets, no music, no problem when you have rhythm like him.
     *curious about everything, especially things he should leave alone!
     *likes our dog Hank, but LOVES Chele's Great Dane Sassy.
     *brings us books to read to him (then gets down after the first page).
     *still says "hi" to everyone that walks past our house.
     *is obsessed with "choo tracks", and screams if we go in the other direction when we leave the driveway.
     *is just as happy with the box as the present inside.
     *when he does something he isn't supposed to, he says as he is doing it, "sah-ee, it ok".

The past two years with him have been amazing and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this guy!x

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  1. Happy Birthday Miller. I can't believe our little guys are two. It is going to be fun to watch both of your boys and their adventures in the Bahamas!

    If you need a second opinion just email me.


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