Wednesday, September 8, 2010

County Fair

Last year we went to the county fair.  You never saw any of the pictures because i lost my camera at the fair!  BOO!  This year I made sure to take better care of the camera and manged to hold onto the camera, until I lost it immediately after the fair!  The camera has now been located and I have some pictures to share!

 We love the Montgomery County fair because it is a good old fashioned agricultural fair, which means that there are animals, animals and more animals.

Can you tell Jackson loves the pig races?

Then we got to go through a bunch of animal exhibits.  This was great, but you can't really get the feeling for it until you think really hard about how animals smell on a 100 degree day in August.  For that reason we skipped to goats and sheep!

Then it was on to the Farris Wheel!
As we walked in we had seen all the rides and had told Jackson that he could ride the Ferris Wheel  after we had done all the other stuff because they weren't open yet.  He asked approximately 489 times if it was time to go on the Ferris wheel yet.  Finally he had his ticket

It was a really high Ferris Wheel

The view from the top!

The view of the Monster truck that was hanging from a crane

Sadly it would have cost our family of 4 over $70 to go to the Monster Truck Rally so we just admired from afar!  Maybe we can see a monster truck show in the Bahamas!

The view from the top

This next one make my tummy feel a little woozy!

These folks were waving to us the whole time!  Love the tent that is behind them!  So glad that they are charging $1 per person to see a LIVE giant horse. 

I wonder what kind of adventures we will be having this time next year?


  1. I have been waiting on a post........I mean it's not like you are busy. Ha Ha

    Love ya,
    Aunt Chele

  2. Great pictures! I just love Jackson's expression in the holding-the-ticket photo.

    Expo New Mexico, our state fair, starts today. I'll see if friends of mine are playing music, and might go one day. No rides for me tho.

    Love y'all,
    Uncle Mark


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