Sunday, September 26, 2010

Going, going

We sold the house on Friday. It is bittersweet. I've never loved this house the way I loved others. When we moved here it was the height of the real estate craze and this was the one single family house that was at the tippy top of our price range. So we bought it.

It was vintage 1955. I wish I still had more photos, but the computer crashed and I have just a few to show. Boo! Picture pink and green carpet. Pine paneling and pine kitchen cabinets that had aged and turned orange over the years. Pink and blue tile in the bathroom and apink sink and toilet to match. I love pink green orange and blue, but it was too much in this little house.

We were fortunate to get to know the man selling the house. Mr. Gardner had lived here for 30 something years and knew every inch of the house. He was such a neat man. We also have grown fond of our neighbors. The Senior Citizens of Dogwood Drive have been so good to us. They seem to love to watch our comings and goings and never complain about the sidewalk chalk and shrieks coming from our yard. Hopefully the new owner will continue to look after these wonderful women and treasure them as the wonderful neighbors they are.

We painted every inch of this house. Some parts 2 or 3 times! We refinished the floors, reglazed the pink and blue bathroom tile, finished the basement and then last summer renovated the kitchen. Some of these projects were done by us (and Allen's super handy dad, Joe), but we also branched out and hired some professionals to do some work for us. That was a big deal!
During that time we grew from a couple to a family of four. We brought both our babies home to this house, and because of that, I will love this house in a way that I'll never love another house. A little bit of my heart will always be here on Dogwood Drive.   

The Kitchen before

The kitchen after

The bathroom before
The bathroom after
The Living Room before
The Living Room after
Front of the house before

Front of the house after
OK not really, but the boys needed some representation here

Basement before

Now it is time for our family to move and grow in other ways.  We will be doing things we never imagined and are just not possible living here.  So long little brick house, we will miss you!

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  1. Congratulations on selling the house! So glad we were there when you brought Miller home - good luck with the move. We're looking forward to seeing the pictures and details about the Bahamas! Love, Sachi, Kirk, Miya, Romi, and Trevor


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