Friday, June 24, 2011

I needed this

Warning!!!  GRAPHIC POST!!!
Being Miller’s mother is a challenge.  He can make me tear my hair out one minute and have me loving on him the next.
As you know he has been in underwear for a couple of months.  Each and every time he has pooped for those months I have been cleaning it out of the underwear.  Yep, every single time!! 
Yes, I am bitter about it.
Ok he has been in the potty twice.  But still!
However, today he told me he needed to potty and look what he did.
Thank you Jesus!
I know I still have a lot more dirty underwear to clean up, but a little sign of progress!
Here is a funny poop story.  My friend, who shall remain nameless, was here with her child who is also being potty trained.  Her child had a #2 accident and I told her I’d go throw it in the washer on a quick wash.  So I do it, but on the way to the washer, I stop by the toilet and flip the undies inside out so the poop plops in.Then I just pop them in the washer.  I do this every day.  Sometimes  3 times.  So when the undies are clean I give them to her.  She goes home thinking I am awesome.  She has 3 kids and had been washing them out some other way.  A few days later, her child has another accident and she puts the undies in the washer.  Yeah she didn’t stop by the toilet to do the poop plop.  She opens her washer after the cycle is finished and there is poop all over her washer.  OOps!  She now knows!  Plop the poop.

P.S. My camera got sand in it and broke.  I don’t like carrying my nice camera around here because of the sand, so my pictures may be few and far between!  Or maybe not…

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