Friday, June 10, 2011

It’s Hurricane Season

This year is forecasted to be a very active hurrican season.  If you’re interested in finding out the names of those hurricanes (or tropical storms), then look over here.  The folks at NOAA are a wealth of hurricane information.  Did you know that they re-use the same list of names every 6 years?  So in 2017 they will have the same list.  Now you know!



We have been edumacated about preparations and what to expect if a storm heads this way.  It seems that the US government likes to be proactive in protecting it’s human assets families.  Hopefully these preparations are just an exercise.


In other news Miller is still being potty trained.  Did you think I was never going to blog again?  Me too.  He has had me working extra hard these days and though I have sat down to blog many times, I never get anywhere because I am brain dead.  Some of his newest ricks include getting out the stepstool, opening the deadbolt and going outside, sleeping in a toddler bed and swimming a tiny bit independently and waking up at 5 a.m...  Gee Michele, I don’t know why I don’t blog more often?


Jackson is getting close to finishing Pre-K.  He seems to enjoy it, although he claims to not remember a single thing he has done, all year.  He’s so grown up and even learned to do a flip off the side of the pool.  I loose my stomach every time his head rotates around near the concrete edge.  So far, so good.  He isn’t particularly excited to start Kindergarten in the fall.  As a former Kindergarten teacher, I think I’m going to have to really pump up the excitement of this heartbreaking tremendous milestone.




We are looking forward to the summer and getting back to the beautiful beaches!


  1. Thank you for the blog! I feel sure that Miller does something every day that is blog (not) worthy, but I just need a picture every so often (week) to see my babies! Miss you and can't wait to see you in 26 days!

    Aunt Chele

  2. They retire names of big storms from those lists; there will not be another hurricane named Hazel, Floyd or Katrina, for example. Having seen what hurricanes do, I hope the predictions are wrong, and that everyone that does happen goes way away from y'all there.

    Happy birthday and Happy Father's Day!


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