Thursday, October 27, 2011


Since I was a bad blogger this summer, I didn’t share about our trip to the Pirate Museum.  The boys loved it.  Remember their Pirate Party last year?  They love Pirates!  One of their favorite books is David Shannon’s How I Became a Pirate.
We are part of a playgroup here, and they planned an outing the the Pirate Museum.  I didn’t even know there was one.  There is one and it was FUN!
To set the mood, they boys donned their pirate hats on their way there.  Here is Jackson's attempt at a ferocious face.  Keep working on that!
Miller’s Fearsome face!  Even scarier!
When we got there, this was our tour guide.  He had, the clothes, the speech and even the teeth.  Totally authentic!
We got to see some of the scenes of pirate life.  Some were very realistic…
Did you see the rat?  It’s right there on the table.
DSC_0944 - Copy - Copy
Nassau was (and maybe still is) home to lots of pirates.  They say in the museum that the pirates here just wear suits now.
The boys were brave, but it was scary in parts.  Dark and scary.
At the end they weren’t sure if they wanted to pose with this guy or not….
They did great and they loved it in the end!
Maybe they will be pirates for Halloween!

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