Wednesday, October 19, 2011

School Days

Because we were fresh back from our evacu-vacation, starting school was less traumatic than I anticipated.  Since my sister was here, it was also a lot a lot easier!

For me. 

Jackson was pretty nervous, but by that afternoon he was so happy!


Jackson has a bit of a crush on his Kindergarten teacher.  She is just the kind of Kindergarten teacher every child should get, young, pretty and sweet!

Miller wasn’t nervous a bit, he was excited that he was finally getting his turn.


Their uniforms make me happy.  Shorts are their uniform.  Not just a fall/summer thing.  The yellow shirts looked good on the first week.  Now, they are a little dingy.  By the end of the year, they’ll be gray!


Now we are in the thick of it, soccer practice, fall break, and remembering all the forms, money and sports clothes.

The boys both love it. 

I love having a few hours to get things accomplished in the mornings, but I do miss my guys some too.


and my sister!


  1. I love the uniforms, I wish mine got to wear uniforms! I'm still in awe of how quickly my day goes by with them gone!

  2. So special that I got to be there for their first day!

    Love Aunt Chele

  3. They look sharp in those school uniforms! I would make the pic of the 2 of them together my desktop wallpaper, but Jackson's nervous/pouty face is just too pitiful! Glad he was happy that afternoon.


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