Friday, November 11, 2011

Soccer Season

This year Jackson is playing Soccer for the first time.  Soccer is a big deal at his school.  At least I think it must be based on the length of the season.  It last the entire school year.

So far he has enjoyed the practices.  His coach is one of the preschool teachers and I’ve got to hand it to her.  That is a lot of energy to try and corral.

I’ve been pretty slow about getting pictures so far because while  they have practice I’m trying to keep Miller off the field.  It’s a full time job, I tell ya!  This one is fantastic, right?


Just because you can’t see Jackson and they aren’t playing soccer, doesn’t mean it isn’t great!

Ok!  Just picture a swarm of 10 to 15  kids running up and down a field chasing a ball.  There is actually about 20 kids on the team, but at any time there are quite a few who are picking flowers or have stopped for what seems like no reason at all.

Jackson seems to like playing goalie.  {I used to like playing goalie too, when I was in P.E. because the goalies doesn’t have to run.  That’s the thing about soccer, you have to run!}  He seems to be able to concentrate on the ball better when there aren’t 15 other children trying to kick the ball too.

They have their first game on Saturday.  It should be great!


Go Optimists!

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