Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We had a BALL!

Recently, the weather on the weekends has been awful.  Windy, rainy and cloudy.  We decided it provided the perfect opportunity to take the boys bowling for the first time.
They were thrilled.
Look how stinking cute the kids bowling shoes are.
When taking pictures of little bowlers BEFORE they can start bowling you tend to get faces like this.  Too bad!
DSCN0591 DSCN0592
AND we’re bowling!  Remarkably, this bowling alley has technology.  When the kids turns came up, the bumpers came up.  Adults didn’t get to use the bumpers.  I could have used the bumpers!
They still use price tags in the grocery store here, but the bowling alley has bumpers that go up and down depending on your age?  Things that make you go hmmm…
There’s the smile!
Look at the form and concentration.  Just kidding they had these stands that the kids could roll the balls from.  Kids get all the props.  Know what we get?  Sore fingers.
DSCN0602 DSCN0604
Proof that I need the bumpers!DSCN0609
Love this one!
Jackson took this one…
and this one…
You could call it a montage of legs!
DSCN0623 DSCN0624
Love  all the colorful balls.
Then it was over, and we don’t know who won!  I can guarantee it wasn’t me.

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