Monday, January 16, 2012


Since Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here in the Bahamas, we had a regular school day for the boys and then had a special dinner.  Instead of Turkey we had a chicken and the traditional sides.  It was perfect for Allen and I, the boys not so much!  We are still working on their eating meat.  One day!!

We finished November playing lots of Monster Trucks, making cookies and getting ready for the holidays.


The Monday after Thanksgiving I went to Florida for an MRI.  I’d been dealing with some knee pain and when I finally went to the doctor, she said I’d need an MRI.  The complicated part of living here is that my insurance would pay for one MRI, so if I got an MRI here and it showed something, then I would need to go to Florida for treatment, (and then I’d need another MRI there --not covered by insurance).  Confused yet?  Well I was, but the bottom line was I had to go to Florida.  As it turned out, I had some torn cartilage and it needed arthroscopic surgery.    I went to Ft. Lauderdale on a Monday, had an MRI on Monday evening, and had surgery on Wednesday.  Sounds easy peasy, right.  It WAS and it wasn’t.  My surgeon was good, the surgery went well, but I got really sick from the anesthesia.  Being alone in a hotel room in a city where you know No One is no fun.  Eventually I got better and was released to come home on Friday evening.  Thank goodness I had a friend here who would help me with Miller and my sweet hubby was able to take off from work at 3!  Being sick when you have young children makes you so aware of all the roles we mothers play.

Here is a picture of my knee about 5 days after surgery.


Three little holes is all the evidence I have that there was surgery.  Thank God for modern medicine and a great doctor.

While I was away, the boys had their own medical adventures!  Jackson and another guy knocked heads at soccer and he ended up with a nice black eye!


Miller hit his chin on the tile steps one evening.  When Allen called to tell me he was trying to put a butterfly bandage on there, I was  not really concerned.  That boy can take a licking and keep on ticking.  He did not want a bandage!  Meanwhile Allen and my 2 friends who were there were trying to minimize how bad it was.  Allen called me back and said he was going to take him to the hospital for a stitch.   I wasn’t in favor of it because I knew they would have to sedate him for a stitch and I really didn’t want him to have to deal with that. They said it wasn’t that bad, right? I encouraged Allen to give him some Advil and Benadryl and when Miller conked out, THEN put the butterfly bandage on.  So he did that.  About an hour after all this hoopla I get this picture sent to my email…


Oh crap!  That needs stitches, but it was too late because a couple of hours ha passed, and they boys were in bed.  So we just went with trying to keep it covered up and telling him to be careful.   Sometimes Mamas are wrong when they make decisions about things when they don’t have anything to base their decision on.  Oh well, everyone has a scar there, right?

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