Thursday, March 22, 2012

Senor Frogs Spring Break 2012

You may remember that Jackson asked to go to Senor Frogs after being named Student of the Week.

We thought about 11:15 on a Sunday morning would be pretty calm at Senor Frogs.  We were wrong.

We sat in the front, away from all the “celebrating” in the back.

It was still very crazy!  But we had fun.  We celebrated Jackson and Miller’s accomplishments.  That’s what counts.




see all those ships in town that day.  They ALL went to Senor Frogs!


He’s going to kill me.  If he does then he will have to this alone.


Yep, he drank the whole thing.  Strange that they don’t have kids cups there Winking smile


This time Jackson noticed what was on the ceiling.  He got a good laugh out of all the bottoms up there.  Potty and underwear humor has started recently as well.  Super.IMG_0156

Do you see all those people in the pic above? So when Miller’s Sprite was finished he said he had to potty. I took him through all those people. He didn’t mind. Boy loves a good party, especially if there is dancing and loud music involved. When we got to the restroom, he left something in the toilet that I can’t even describe. They should have made a t-shirt for it, though!


Thanks boys for being so good.  Now we have even more memories of  the celebration.

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