Monday, March 26, 2012

The Trophy

Major excitement.  After many practices and games, Jackson and his team came I third place at last weekend’s tournament.  That is not the exciting part.  Well it could be since all season they had won only one game.  In the tournament they didn’t lose any of their games.  All 4 games were tied.  We’ll take it!

THIS is what they real excitement is about.  Jackson got his first trophy!

(On my other camera I have pictures of him actually playing in the tournament, but at this moment, I can’t actually find said camera—Shhh!  Don’t tell Michele!)



Waiting is hard!


At last!


Admiring his trophy!


Those kids were so excited, you would have thought they had won the Olympics.  I love that about this age!


On the way home Jackson kept saying, “Aren’t you so proud of me for getting this trophy?”  In his mind it was because he has a trophy that I’ll be proud of him.  He doesn’t quite get it that I’m proud of him getting out there for all the practices and all the games and playing his heart out.  Bless his sweet little heart!


  1. Awww his first trophy. I am so proud!! As for the camera.......guess it is hard to keep track of them when you have 6!
    Love ya

    Aunt Chele

  2. That is major excitement. He's so cute with the trophy!


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