Tuesday, May 15, 2012

President’s Club 2012

Michele took me on another President’s Club trip recently.  Amazing doesn’t do it justice.  Yes, I live in the Caribbean and get to see and do things that most people don’t.  The biggest difference is that I don’t fly on Private jets.


Or have a room with a view like this


Our “room” was a corner suite complete with a dining room. Full kitchen (we used the fridge and the coffee maker).


Living room that we never stepped foot in.P5030192


That chaise was wonderful.  It had a terry cloth fitted sheet and it was perfect for a nap after the beach.


In my real life I have to wash towels and bathing suits after coming in from the beach.


Not on President’s club!  We also got to have some wonderful dinners.


111 ScanSource 6111

  The staff photographer took these pictures.  Their color is a lot more intense than our point and shoot cameras!


063 ScanSource 6053

These guys were great. He is playing a saw.

198 ScanSource 6232

114 ScanSource 6116155 ScanSource 6172

The house where we had dinner the second night was amazing…


viewview 2view3view4

The professional photographer took the following 2 shots!

311 ScanSource 6438310 ScanSource 6437

The sun went down and my new friend, Claire, and I decided to be Solid Gold Dancers.


All I can say is it may be a while before I do that again!

The next day we went on Sailboat snorkel lunch thing.  Great snorkeling and some really funny people.


We ended it with a quiet dinner.

Can’t wait to go back!  Are you listening Michele?



  1. I hear you loud and clear! I can't wait to go back too!! Our/My expression in that last picture almost makes the water seem cold.

    Love you,

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