Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soccer Season—Done!

I’m not going to lie….Soccer from October until May is a L-O-N-G season.  We are really proud of Jackson that he stuck with it and went to all the practices (except one).  The team improved so much over the season.  They didn’t ever get good, but they were definitely less bad than they were in the beginning.  Their team mascot is The Optimists.  Fitting, right?P5020008

The end of the year party was held while I was at President’s Club with my sister, but we were fortunate to have Allen’s parents here to take Jackson.  A second trophy was just icing on the cake.  He was thrilled!P5020010-001


We have a few months off for summer and tennis and then we go back to another season of Soccer!


  1. Way to go Jackson! Aunt Chele is very proud of you!!!

    Love you

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