Friday, September 26, 2014


Sometimes you just have a day and you think, “Every day should feel this good.”  The folks at Vineyard Vines  have it as their slogan, and I have to agree, when you are having one of those days, you just want it to last forever.

Last Saturday was one of those days.  We didn’t have anything going on, so we went to the beach.  After almost 4 years here, we are still looking at each other all the time saying, “Remember when we didn’t have anything going on when we lived other places and we’d go to Home Depot and run a bunch of errands.  This is sooooo much better than that!”

The water was flat, and the boys and Allen were able to snorkel right off the beach and find lots of baby conchs. 



These are the days that you’ll remember!

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  1. What an amazing day! Happy you all get to share experiences like that as a family! Love you all!!
    Aunt Chele


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