Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Soccer Season- Here we go again!

Soccer has returned to our house on a big way.  It never really left because we had World Cup fever this summer and the boys are still talking about it.

As I mentioned the boys are at a new school.  Not just new to them, but new new.  Because grass for the the soccer fields are not completely rooted yet, we have been practicing at a local park.

It isn’t easy to scramble over there in time right after school, eat snacks and do homework in the car,  change in the parking lot and all that jazz, but the location is pretty sweet.

photo 3 (1)photo 4

I guess we will suffer through it.

As an aside in case you are jealous, please know that there is a fair amount of litter and in some places the grass is knee high to a giraffe{soccer balls don’t roll on high grass} Oh, and there is an open electrical panel just to the left of this picture.  If a child touched one of the fuses, I’m pretty sure many of us would die {no joke}.  We’re not in Kansas anymore.

But oh what a view!

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