Friday, October 3, 2014

Flashback Friday

I was just reading on Big Mama’s blog about her newest book, Nobody’s Cuter Than You.  Big Mama is writing about her friendship with her BFF Gulley. 

It made me think of this girl.  We met in fifth grade, went through the rest of our schooling together.CAM01066

We lived together in college.  Well there was our first year where we thought we wouldn’t room together because we thought we were going to go to college to meet new {better} friends.  Turns out that was a mistake, but we didn’t want to be mean to our roommates, so we lived with them all that year.

Oh the stories we have!  We are still as tight as ever. 

In April we had our college reunion.


This Summer we had a day together just to enjoy some uninterrupted {childfree} time together.


Love you girl!

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