Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What the heck Wednesday- Tenting

When we moved here, I had no idea how frequently I would see this in my neighborhood.

photo 2 (4)

This is the house across the street from us.  It is a lovely home with gorgeous royal palms out front and apparently termites inside.

When houses here get termites {and living in this climate, they all do at some point or another} they put these giant tents on them, attach a tank of poison gas insecticide  to a hose going through to the house and leave it like this for 3 days.  it penetrates the wood and walls killing the termites.

If there is any doubt if you should go in or not, they put this sign in the yard. 

photo 1 (7)

Just in case you were considering going in…

Then when the three days are up, the exterminators come and remove the tent, and the family moves back in.  To the house with poison in it.

We found that one of our kitchen cabinets has termites.  We reported it to the landlord and so far we haven’t had much of a response.  Hopefully if it gets worse we will be long gone from this house!  Who knows since those termites were recently evicted from the house across the street we may be seeing this much sooner than we would like!

Anyone want to come visit?

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